Tasting Parties

We’re excited to introduce a step-by-step, fun new way to broaden your customer base, and to grow your sales.
We’ve coordinated everything from the invitations to the refreshments to make your AP Tasting Party event a success.  The only missing ingredient is YOU!

Why Tasting Parties?

It introduces more people to AP with your customer’s help.
It’s easy and affordable marketing.
It grows your sales!


Ivite a favorite customer to host a Tasting Party in her home! Talk with your RSM, and you’ll have all the tools to confidently share Alison’s Pantry products with your hostess and her friends. We’ve even created a training video to help you plan your best gathering ever.  Plus, your Hostess will be rewarded with AP credit*!

Talk to your RSM today  to learn more about scheduling AP Tasting Parties to boost your sales with our all-inclusive digital kit.

*Based on party sales.