Rep Appreciation Bonus

Our Rep Appreciation Bonus has been extended indefinitely!  When a sales rep gets above a certain sales threshold, they will get a higher discount on their own personal order.

The sales thresholds are as follows:

$2,000 in sales = 15% regular discount + additional 15% on personal order (30% total)

$3,000 in sales = 16% regular discount + additional 19% on personal order (35% total)

$4,000 in sales = 17% regular discount + additional 23% on personal orders (40% total)

$5,000 in sales = 18% regular discount + additional 32% on personal orders (50% total)

The rep will receive a credit on their account each month automatically from the office for meeting these sales amounts.  Reps will need to use what is know internally as the default customer in their portals program.  If you are not sure what your default customer is, please contact Rep Support.

This program is designed to be an additional incentive for our representatives to reach for higher sales goals as well as a way of saying thank you for a great order.

  • This discount is only available for the rep’s personal order.  Please do not include family, friends, or business orders in your own order to receive an additional discount on their orders.  We’re working on the honor system here. 🙂
  • The amount will be calculated on order day totals.
  • Alison’s Pantry will send out a monthly email of how much credit you will receive.
  • We are limiting this to a $200 additional credit for now.

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