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6 Tips to Finally Stop Procrastinating

Studies show that 1 in 5 people are chronic procrastinators.  I think it’s more like 5 in 5.  Who doesn’t procrastinate sometimes?!

One interesting thing we have found at Alison’s Pantry is that the top reps with the highest sales make lots of reminders and they start early.  So, what I am saying is that procrastination might get in the way of your high sales.

With that in mind here are a few tips to help you not to procrastinate.

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Are you Reaching your Goals?

We are here to help you have a successful Alison’s Pantry business!  Many of you are doing a GREAT job and we applaud you!  Unfortunately, there are some of you who are struggling and we want to help you any way we can!

Below are some reminders of what is available to you each month to help you with your AP business and the requirements for order delivery and to earn commission on your sales.

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Representative: What Does it Mean?

As an AP representative you represent Alison’s Pantry, when a customer conducts business with you, it’s as if they are conducting business with Alison herself. What responsibility does this place for you as a representative? 

Here are just a few of the most important responsibilities a representative should demonstrate while conducting business as an AP representative.

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Declutter your Customer List

Anyone looking at cleaning out and organizing anything hears the word “declutter” – verb –to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc.  So what does this have to do with your Alison’s Pantry Customer List?

Do you have a lot of potential or past customers in our ordering system who are not ordering?  How long has it been since they placed an order?

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Plan Ahead

“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” —Peter Turla

Everyone does things differently, and everyone is on a different schedule depending on what group you are in, but here are some suggestions on things to schedule and when.

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Do you have a Business or a Hobby?

Alison’s Pantry is a great business and a fantastic way to earn extra money and stay in touch with your friends and family.  But are you treating it like a business, or is it more like a hobby for you?  How do you know the difference?  And why does it matter?

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Consistency – Make it a Habit

Many obstacles can slow down the progress of our movement towards our goals. How do we get back into the race or step up our pace to reach the finish line? We can learn from the Tortoise and keep going, he looked ahead, saw the goal and pushed forward and never stopped.  

What’s our goal? Do we see the finish line? Here’s a few tips to help in finishing the race and being consistent in our AP business.

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A Clean Work Location is Good Business!

One thing that will quickly destroy your business is a dirty, disorganized work location!  When customers come to pick up their order, what do they see?

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The Case of the Missing Product

Our AP warehouse staff does a tremendous job at sorting and packing our orders, they double check each order to make sure that the order is correct and accounted for. Occasionally a product goes missing or gets damaged in the transport.

We all know that mistakes happen and sometimes they can’t be helped, however, as AP reps we can do our part to aid the situation.  When you receive your order from the truck or as a local from the warehouse, rest assured that the order has been checked and should be correct. Occasionally you may find a mistake; maybe missing an item or an extra item may have found its way into one of your boxes. It is in these times that we ask you to assist us in being a solution to the problem.

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Professionalism – It’s All About the Presentation

I have been a sales rep for Alison’s Pantry since January 2000 so I have been through several phases in my life while being a sales rep.  As I look back and think about what helped me to make my Alison’s Pantry business successful over the last 16 + years (avg. sales of $4,800 for 2016), I would like to share some thoughts with you.

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You are a sales representative for Alison’s Pantry and sell our great products to your customers BUT are you your own BEST CUSTOMER?  Do you buy all you can and need through Alison’s Pantry to feed yourself and your family?

If you don’t, then I want you to consider this question for a moment – if you don’t buy and use what you sell, why should your customers?

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Customers are the lifeblood of our company.  Without our customers, we wouldn’t have anyone to buy our products; therefore, it is extremely important to keep our customers happy so they will come back month after month to get what they need from us (Alison’s Pantry).

A very important part of keeping customers happy is the way we communicate with them.  Below I want to share 5 communication techniques to help you increase your sales through positive communications with your customers (and potential customers)!

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What’s hiding in your Pantry?

Do you remember the day that you were approved to sell Alison’s Pantry? Remember the excitement that you had and the drive to share this opportunity and good food with your family, friends and neighbors. You felt a passion for your dream.

If you haven’t been having fun in your endeavor, reaching the level of success that you dreamed of, then it’s time to reconnect with your goals and dreams.

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Tax Time! Stressful, but doesn’t have to be.

Tax Season is always a stressful time of year. How can you make filing taxes for a home based business easier? Document, document, document! This can’t be stressed enough. Accurate and up to date files must be maintained in order to be allowed as deductions for a home based business.

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A Vision Board Will Change Your Life

Do you want a great way to change your life?  Make a vision board!  

“A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.”

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Order Deadline Reminders

Oh, No!!  Order deadline is approaching and you don’t have very many orders from customers yet!  What can you do to encourage customers to get those orders to you before the order closes?

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Organizing your Inbox

When you receive an email that you need to keep from your RSM or AP support, you will want to move it out of your main email inbox to a sub file in your email account.

Set one up for your customers, and AP, then you can sort the emails and not get them lost in all of the other items that clutter your inbox. They also are archived in the sub files instead of shuffled in the main file.

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Are you ready for the New Year? It’s here whether you are ready or not.

Knowing that organization is a learned and practiced skill, as your RSM’s we are planning on focusing on ways to improve this area of business during the month of January. We will teach you what works for us and new ways to organize and make your home based business work better for you. Below you will find the system that I use which works great for me, I think that it can work well for you too.

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