Customer Service

Give YOUR customers an INCH

Our businesses are built on customer service, we pride ourselves in offering it.  In the business world many businesses label what should be a standard as good customer service. First, we need to understand what the standard is. Returning text or phone calls within 24 hours, following up on the phone with a customer to get an order, delivering catalogs before the deadline.  Delivering products to elderly or handicapped customers instead of requiring them to pick it up.  These are all examples of the standard, or also labeled the “givens”, something that is good service, a part of doing business.  These should not be something we should be bragging about they are a natural part of doing business.

Taking it a bit farther, looking for opportunities to exceed the standard and give a little bit extra is what we should be striving for. This is what we like to call good customer service, or giving an extra inch.  Good customer service = profit. It is something that makes money for you, doesn’t cost you money.

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What Makes us Different: It’s that Personal Touch

If you look at all the different businesses out there vying for your dollar, what makes one better than the other?  You’re probably thinking “the one that has what I want or provides the service that I need”. 

The cost is usually a concern too but also the experience of dealing with the company.  If you are always being put on hold, never talking to a real person, issues are not being taking care, you receive poor customer service, etc., you are probably not going to take your business to that company again.

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The Secret to Making Connections

One of the biggest reasons people purchase AP products is because they like YOU the sales rep, and the service they receive from you.  Making connections and building relationships with your customers and potential customers is the underlying secret to your success.  Here are some fascinating tips on how to connect better with people and have a meaningful relationship with them.  And when you do, you will see your sales skyrocket!

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What is your Why?

Have you recently thought about WHY you are an Alison’s Pantry Sales Rep?  I was recently asked this question which sparked a long contemplation on my part because my WHY has changed a little over the 17 years that I have been a sales rep.

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The Dreaded Phone Call

One of the hardest parts of this business for a rep is the dreaded phone call. Why is it so hard to pick up the phone and talk to a person? What are we all afraid of?

One of the reasons it is so hard to call a customer is that we feel that we are intruding on that person’s space and time. We are afraid of potential rejection. One of the easiest ways to overcome this is to change the thought process regarding phone calls and to practice.

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Are you Giving 110%?

Customer service is the name of the game, if you want a great business start by bettering your customer service.  Your home based Alison’s Pantry business is no different. You must treat your customers so that they feel special and they will reward you with their patronage.

Some of the top reps in our company pride themselves on establishing relationships with their customers that go far beyond the monthly purchases. Here are a few ideas to help you succeed on building a dynamic and fulfilling business.

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Hang Up On Your Phone Phobias

“The number one Phone phobia is manifested in this fear: “Customers will think I’m pushy.”  Guess what?  If a customer gave you her phone number, she gave implied permission to call her!  Follow through on your implied promise to keep connected.”

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