AP Fundraisers are back and we’ve made it easier than ever to make a difference!

Fundraiser Objectives:

Help sales reps host a successful fundraising event while connecting with their community.

To achieve this objective, Alison’s Pantry Representatives can submit information on a worthwhile cause or project in their area by filling out the form below for review. Upon approval,  Alison’s Pantry will support the Rep’s fundraising efforts as outlined below.

Fundraisers must have a 501c3 Non-Profit form or be sponsored by a non-profit organization. We will need the non-profits EIN number to approve the fundraiser. Fundraisers for individuals or families need to go through a non-profit organization like a church or school.

Alison’s Pantry will support the fundraising efforts in any or all of these ways (at the Rep’s request):

  • Provide images for marketing the fundraiser on Facebook, Instagram, or to use in email or printed material.
  • Create a flyer to distribute for the fundraiser. (Copies are the responsibility of the Rep.) View Sample Flyer

Anything in the catalog can be purchased for fundraising purposes. However, we do ask that any new customers create a new account on  Please do not lump all fundraiser orders under one order or one customer account.


You, as a rep, will decide what percentage of your commission on that order you would like to donate to the fundraiser.  Alison’s Pantry will match that amount up to your earned commission percentage.  IE: If a rep donates all her fundraiser commission and it’s 18%, Alison’s Pantry will match that donation amount.

Fundraiser Form:

Please fill out the following form to get approval for your fundraiser. Thank you!