Fair Booths

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  • It is a great way to introduce a large group of potential customers to Alison’s Pantry products.
  • It gets our company name and logo out in front of people so it is more recognizable.
  • It gives you the opportunity to grow your customer base by getting catalogs into people’s hands, giving people a chance to sample some of our products, and gives you a chance to sell additional products.
  • Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. Ask your friends or other crafters or people with home businesses. Check city websites and Facebook groups for vendors (www.fairsandfestivals.net, www.craftmasternews.com, Wyoming Vendor/Craft Shows, Bazaars & Fairs, etc.) Search Facebook for “craft fairs” or “vendor fairs”.
  • The cost to do a fair booth can run from $15 or $20 up to $400 – $500. We recommend inexpensive, hometown shows. If you don’t sell product, you won’t recoup the cost but it is a tax deduction on your taxes (advertising expense).
  • Paperwork – Submit booth paperwork. If sampling product, verify it is okay to do sampling and if you will need a Temporary Food Permit.
  • Schedule your event – Contact your RSM about doing a fair booth. She will do a brief training with you and find out what you will need and then she will order your marketing kit with Rep Support. ** At least one month before your event.
  • Type of booth – Informational, product display only, samples, product to sell, drawing.
  • Make a list – Based on the type of booth you want to have, you will gather/order items needed (extra catalogs or informational flyers to hand out, items for a gift basket drawing or coupon, drawing slips, container for drawing slips, pens, tape, a pad of paper to take orders or make notes, items to display or to sell, product to sample, plastic glove, tables, tables cloths, chairs, your name tag to wear, AP banner, AP apron, garbage can, etc. **If the fair is outside, you will also need a canopy, weights for the canopy, ground tarp, extra tarps to block wind or sun, bungee cords or rope, etc.)
  • Advertise, Advertise, Advertise – Let people know you are doing a fair booth. Invite customers to attend and post on local Facebook groups.
  • Samples – Sampling product is a great way to share Alison’s Pantry with potential customers so they can see and taste some of the products we have to offer. Our bakery mixes are a great choice – Blueberry or raspberry muffins, Macaroons, Fudge Brownies. Soups and rolls are great when its cold outside. Prepackaged snacks are excellent samples too. (Stay away from seasonal items that aren’t available all the time.)
  • Sell Product – Buy in products to sell before the fair, especially those you are sampling. Choose top sellers and items we offer all the time.
  • Set up your tables in an L-shape, if possible, to “invite” people into your booth. Use tables cloths of the same color for continuity. Set up your product on different levels using empty boxes under the tables cloths or shelves to give product better visibility.
  • If able, plan to stand and greet customers as they pass/stop at your table. You are there to talk to people so put your cell phone away and be attentive to those around you.
  • You want to talk to everyone! SMILE and be enthusiastic! Have fun sharing Alison’s Pantry with people!
  • Ask each person, “Have you ever heard of Alison’s Pantry?” If they have, ask them if they are currently ordering from a sales rep and what their favorite product is. If they haven’t, then have a 30-second follow-up sales pitch to introduce our company. (Include “restaurant-quality products, the different products we sell, order from a catalog once a month, delivery in 2-3 weeks after deadline, 100% guarantee, our next order deadline”, etc.)
  • Encourage them to enter your gift basket drawing and to mark if they would like to see our next month’s catalog. Invite them to try a sample, if you have some.
  • Post pictures on our AP Facebook groups. Fill out and submit the follow up survey form. **These need to be done to get reimbursed for the marketing kit fee.
  • Get the gift basket or drawing prize to the winner. Give them the next catalog if you didn’t put one in the gift basket.
  • Contact people in the next two weeks who wanted to receive our next catalog to verify their mailing address and then get a catalog to them. **Follow up is critical to growing your customer base!
  • Good Luck!!

Drawing Slips

Marketing Kit