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We tried freezing some of the cooler products and decided we can keep the following 5 products as FROZEN items. All other cooler items are discontinued.
String cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Tillamook shredded cheese
Kirkland shredded cheese

Wondering if a product is coming back or why it left in the first place?

Check this comprehensive list for which products are leaving and why for each catalog for the year!

The list also includes which products are in the catalog but have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.

Items are listed by catalog and grouped by brand.

You can search for a specific item number or keyword by using ctrl+F

List will be updated every 2 catalogs 🙂

Below you will find the list of leftover items from recent catalogs that have been marked down.

All items are limited to stock on hand on the website!

Be sure and order them online while you still can!

2020 Closeout Lists

2019 Closeout Lists

  • #1608 Jurassic World Honey Graham Snacks – Discontinued by manufacturer 8/13/2019. Replacement item #1793 “Frozen” Honey Graham Snacks – coming soon.
  • #6380 Smithfield Pork Riblets 5 lb case Discontinued by supplier. 5/24/19 10 lb Replacement Case #1777
  • #8356 Birds Eye Garlic Chicken Meal discontinued by vendor. No immediate replacement. 7/24/19
  • #1320 Frigo CheeseHeads Variety Natural Cheese Sticks discontinued by supplier 6/13/2019 looking for replacement
  • #3302 Soup Supreme Heartland Chicken Noodle Soup has been discontinued and is no longer available. The replacement is 64 oz Homestyle Chicken Noodle #1568 5/22/19
  • #1135 Hawaiian Style Oven Roasted Chicken Teriyaki Bowls — Discontinued by supplier. Replacement item #1718
  • #1109 Farmland Smoke’n Fast CarveMaster Cob Smoked Ham 3-5 lb. EACH — Discontinued by manufacturer. Limited to stock on hand as of 5/13/19. Larger Carvemaster ham still available #7960
  • #4583 & #4581 V8 Splash Tropical Blend & Berry Blend 24/11.5 oz. Cans — Discontinued by the manufacturer.  Replaced by 12/16 oz bottles.  Due in 5/16 see item’s #1717 (Tropical Blend), #1716 (Berry Blend).   5/6/2019
  • #2633 Strawberry Bits & Pieces — Discontinued by the manufacturer. Replacement product is the Dole Chef’s Cut Diced Strawberries coming with catalog #7. 4/18/2019
  • Jones Dairy Products — Due to repeated shorts from Jones Dairy Farm, we have to remove all of their products after Catalog #6. Most items are limited to stock on hand. 4/16/2019
  • #2420 Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Browns 3 lb. Bag EACH – out of stock with Manufacturer until further notice, removed from Catalog #6 and on. 4/9/2019 Out of stock.
  • #5586 Farmland Smoke’n Fast Smoked Pulled Pork 5 lb. Box CASE –  Changed to a 10 lb case by the manufacturer. Replacement item #1677 
  • #7420 Posada Breakfast Burritos Scrambled Eggs, Ham & 3 Cheeses  – Discontinued by manufacturer. Try the same item with Bacon! #7419
  • #2420 Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Browns — Continually shorted from manufacturer, please refer item #2421
  • #7793 Flav-R-Pac Flame Roasted Vegetables Seasoned Redskins & Vegetables
  • #5780 RediSteak Philly Beef w/ Onions & Green Peppers— discontinued by supplier. 
  • #5779 Redi-Steak Philly Beef Slices–discontinued by supplier.
  • #1908 Chobani Yogurt Tubes — discontinued by supplier
  • #4414 Honey Roasted Peanuts — special order item, no longer able to stock
  • #1013 AP bacon bits — discontinued by supplier
  • #5946 Mrs. Butterworth Syrup — Discontinued by supplier. Replacement item: #1590 Log Cabin Syrup 
  • #1908 Chobani Yogurt Tubes — discontinued by supplier

Never fear! If that item is due in by Thursday of your order week, you can create a new order for that item as soon as it’s in stock and email [email protected] with the order number.

**We are NOT able to add out of stock items to “Picking” orders. A new order MUST be created. Please limit these to actual out of stock items and NOT late orders.**

Please be aware that all out of stock orders are BACKPULLS which means they are all pulled manually and will be in a different spot than the rest of your order. This also means there is a greater chance for error, whether in the picking, packing or delivery.