Email Validation

Verifying New Accounts

When setting up a new account through your portal you will need to use a valid email address which will receive a confirmation email to activate the account. Your customer must have access to the account in order to confirm their account creation and be able to order from Alison’s Pantry.

Here are some tips to make that easier!

  • Please create new accounts BEFORE your order day so your customers can validate their new account before your orders close. 
  • If your customer does NOT have an email you will need to create their account and have it validated by the office during office hours: M-F 8-5 MDT
  • Be sure to triple check your spelling of the email to guarantee the customer gets the validation email. If you misspell the email and then correct it after it’s created the validation email does not get resent. You would need to try to login to the website with that login and then ask for the validation email to be resent.
  • Check spam or junk for the validation email with the subject “Account Verification”.

Customers Without Emails

If your customer absolutely does not have an email account that they use, please create their account using the email and then notify the office to validate the account for you. Please be sure to allow time for us to validate it during office hours:   M-F  8-5 MT.