Rep Contests

Sales incentives and contests provide Alison’s Pantry Reps with special opportunities to earn products for free, qualify for exciting prizes, and significantly grow personal sales during these marketing blitzes.

See the tabs below for details on upcoming contests, including opportunities for free samples to promote to your customers prior to the contest.

FEATURED PRODUCT: #1153 Parchment Paper 100 ct – We’ll be promoting it heavily in Catalog #3, social media and emails that month.

SALES INCENTIVE: For every 10 (100 ct.) packs of #1153 Parchment Paper sold on Catalog #3, you’ll EARN 1 (500 ct.) sleeve of 4 1/2″ baking cups (#1646).

3 GRAND PRIZES: Awarded to the top 3 Reps who sell the most Parchment Paper on Catalog #3. EACH top selling rep will receive THREE cases of Orange Bakery Strawberry Cream Cheese Strudel Bites (#2106, valued at over $160 per prize winner; total of 9 cases as prizes).


  • Sales totals need to be reported to your RSM by April 5th.
  • Winners will be announced on April 12th and prizes shipped with Catalog 4 or 5 deliveries. You will be notified by text once your prize is added to your order.


CONGRATULATIONS to Melenny McNeill on her amazing Lehi Mills sales!

She sold 232 bags of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in her total of 261 Lehi Mills products sold on Catalog #11, which makes her our Grand Prize winner. She’ll be receiving 23 FREE bags of Lemon Blueberry Scone Mix, plus her Grand Prize package with one of each of the following:

  • Raspberry Muffin, 2 lb. bag
  • Blueberry Muffin, 2 lb. bag
  • Fudge Brownie Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Cranberry Scone Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Lemon Blueberry Scone Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Lemon Muffin Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Sugar Cookie Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 2 lb. bag
  • Blueberry Pancake Mix, 2 lb. bag

How’d she do it?!

Melenny saw this sales contest as an opportunity to help a member of her community while she also boosted her sales. She did a fundraiser for a local boy needing chemotherapy and donated $2 for each bag of pumpkin chocolate chip cookie mix sold. She ended up contributing $450 to the cause! ❤️

Contest Details

SELL 10 Bags of #3363 Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

GET 1 Free Bag of #3364 Lehi Mills Lemon Blueberry Scone Mix

Grand Prize: The rep who sells the most TOTAL Lehi Mills products on Catalog #11 will win a prize package of one of each of the Lehi Mills mixes that we sell.

With Catalog #11 sales, for every 10 bags of Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, 2 lb.bag (#3363) sold, a Rep will receive 1 FREE bag of #3364 Lehi Mills Lemon Blueberry Scone Mix. (10 bags sold = 1 free bag, 20 bags sold = 2 free bags, etc.).  Totals need to be reported to RSMs by November 24th. These amounts can be pulled from the alphabetical inventory sheet.                                                                                                              

How can you maximize your sweet bonuses?
– Plan now to sample Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix to your customers to boost your sales! We mentioned ordering a bag early on Catalog #9 Rep Updates and in our Rep Facebook Group, and here’s one more reminder that it’s not too late!
– Then watch for helpful text templates in your #11 Rep Updates plus shareable images on Facebook and in your rep emails to help you market Lehi Mills on Catalog #11.
– #3363 Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix will also be featured on the cover of Catalog #11!

Grand Prize: The rep who sells the most TOTAL Lehi Mills products on Catalog #11 will win a prize package of one of each of the Lehi Mills mixes that we sell.  

Sales of any of these Lehi Mills products will qualify toward your total sales for the Grand Prize.

Your totals need to be reported to your RSM no later than November 24th. (Please pull the total from your alphabetical inventory sheet when you receive your #11 delivery and report your total # of 3363 Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix AND total # of Lehi Mills products sold to your RSM.).

Winner of the Grand Prize package will be announced by December 1st.

All earned Lemon Blueberry Scone Mixes will be added to Rep orders by the AP office and shipped with #12 or #1, 2024 orders, depending on your Group.

Request a free sample of the current contest product here. You will be notified by text once your sample is added to your order.

Please request your sample 2 catalogs ahead of time so you can sample the item on the catalog before the contest. EX: Catalog #3 contest, request the sample before your #1 order closes.

Email Validation

Verifying New Accounts

When setting up a new account through your portal you will need to use a valid email address which will receive a confirmation email to activate the account. Your customer must have access to the account in order to confirm their account creation and be able to order from Alison’s Pantry.

Here are some tips to make that easier!

  • Please create new accounts BEFORE your order day so your customers can validate their new account before your orders close. 
  • If your customer does NOT have an email you will need to create their account and have it validated by the office during office hours: M-F 8-5 MDT
  • Be sure to triple check your spelling of the email to guarantee the customer gets the validation email. If you misspell the email and then correct it after it’s created the validation email does not get resent. You would need to try to login to the website with that login and then ask for the validation email to be resent.
  • Check spam or junk for the validation email with the subject “Account Verification”.

Customers Without Emails

If your customer absolutely does not have an email account that they use, please create their account using the email and then notify the office to validate the account for you. Please be sure to allow time for us to validate it during office hours:   M-F  8-5 MT.

Rep Recognition 2019-2022

Former Rep Recognition Program 2019-2022

We’re excited to introduce you to our new Alison’s Pantry Rep Recognition Program. We love celebrating our Reps and seeing you continue to grow, both professionally and personally. When you reach your first $1000 in sales you receive an Alison’s Pantry lanyard to put all your pins on. See below for more pins to earn and other benchmarks to watch for .
Plan to show off your pin collection with pride at our Food Shows! We invite all Reps to wear their lanyards so you can celebrate your success when we gather for events.

Here’s what each pin represents, and how you can continue to build your pin collection:

Longevity: You’ll receive a pin as you reach your first year mark as a Rep and then at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year marks.

Sales: You’ll receive special sales pins as you reach these sales benchmarks: $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, $7,000, and $10,000 in monthly sales (based on subtotal sales amounts).

Personal Growth Pins:

Constant Contact: Schedule a monthly call with your RSM for 5 months in a row, and you’ll receive a $10 credit. Complete 10 visits in a year to earn the pin. New for 2021.

2021 Increase Your Sales Challenge: This is a challenge for you to earn free bonus gifts from the office. Each of the 4 quarters this coming year, you will have the opportunity to grow your sales by $100 each month. The first month of the quarter will start out as your base, you will then need to increase your sales for the following catalog and then another again for the 3rd catalog of the quarter.

For example, catalog #1, your sales are $1000, Then catalog #2, you sell $1100, and then Catalog #3 sales are $1200, you will qualify for the 1st quarter bonus gift. It will come with your #4 order.

If you meet the challenge for 2 of the 4 quarters, then you will receive the 2021 Increased Sales Pin for your lanyard.  

Sales totals will be your subtotals at the close of orders for the qualifications. The bonus gift will be AP products.

Sharing is Caring: Earned when you host your first tasting party, open house, or fair booth.
Can receive one per year.

Team Building: Earned when you refer a new Alison’s Pantry Rep.
Can receive one per year.

BYOBC (Be Your Own Best Customer): Earned by reaching $3,000 per year in personal Alison’s Pantry orders (subtotal) for your household (Tip: Purchasing $250/month in AP groceries for your family would reach this total and allow you to become much more familiar with AP products). Can receive one per year.

Food Show Pins: Receive when you attend our Food Show.
Unique pin for each event!

Selling is Helping: Earned when you host an approved fundraiser.
Can receive one per year.

20 in 2020: Earned when you gain 20 new ordering customers in 2020. Report customer names to your RSM.
One-time opportunity!

Increased Sales 2020: Earned when your sales reach a 10% increase on each catalog for 1 quarter. Earn once.

We want you to know how much we appreciate the way you serve your customers and represent Alison’s Pantry so well. Thank you for sharing great food with families in your area. We firmly believe that good busi-ness always comes down to good relationships. Your commitment and care for your customers will keep them coming back to you as your AP business grows.
Congratulations on reaching your first milestone

Meet the AP Staff

Management & Office Staff

Warehouse Crew

Rep Rewards

We’ve partnered with Awardco to reimagine rep recognition for 2023!

Look for your Rep Rewards email sent on 12/21 to your email

If you have email forwarding set up you might need to check in your promotions or spam folder or search this email:

Be sure to add it to your contacts so you get point notifications!

You can also find the link to the rewards site on your portal dashboard, but you must first set up your account from the email sent out by awardco!

Starting 2nd qtr 2022 – April 1st.*

*In order for reps to participate in any of these bonuses the rep needs to schedule a meeting with their sales manager once each quarter (no longer monthly).

Sales reps will be able to earn bonuses each quarter for the following: 



Reps earn $600 credit for each sales rep they refer. This has to be a net gain for Alison’s Pantry; not taking over for another sales rep, to get full credit. If referring a replacement rep it would be a $200 credit. New rep must hit minimum for 3 months. $400 credit for the first month then $100 credit for 2 additional months. No limit for referrals.


Where are Representatives needed?
Probably in your hometown.

See Our Full List of Cities for Referral Opportunities >> 

We’d love to find Reps in:

Brigham City
Park City


Idaho Falls
Sugar City
Soda Springs

Great Falls

Green River
Rock Springs


Grand Junction
Denver and surrounding area


North Dakota

New Underwood


Receive a $10 credit for referring new customers to your fellow reps. Know someone who would love AP, but they are out of your area? Refer them to a closer rep and get paid for it! Customer needs to place a $50 min order. To get this credit the referring rep needs to send their RSM the new customer ID and name. This could also be an existing customer who hasn’t ordered in 6+ months. Once the customer has placed a minimum $50 order and paid for it, the rep would receive a $10 credit. Only one credit per customer; multiple reps cannot refer the same customer.



Reps will be credited $1 for submitting a review on the Alison’s Pantry website. If you send in a picture AND review a product we’ll give you a $5 credit. If you submit a 30 second video review we’ll give you a $10 credit. (video must be at least 15 seconds, but not more than 60 seconds and should be filmed vertically with plenty of light and should show the actual product during your review.)


Rep will receive a free marketing kit ($60 value) for participating in an approved vendor show or hosting a tasting party. The way it works is you purchase the kit for $50 and once you submit your results we’ll credit the $50 back. No limit on number of events.


Samples are a great way to increase sales; we’ll even help you with it! Sample something you’re excited about then document how it went with photos and/or video and post it on the rep FB group to get a $5 credit. This can be done once a catalog.


Host a Facebook Live or Instagram Reel with an AP theme and receive a $5 credit. This can be done once per catalog. Please share your live or reel in our rep fb group and tag Lori Harris.


The 5% Sales Increase Bonus will be discontinued after September, 2022

Sales reps can earn a bonus commission of 5% on the increase of sales from the same quarter previous year sales. Bonus will be issued as AP credit.

Example: If a rep has sales of $1,000 more than the previous year she would get a bonus of $50 for the quarter. 

*A sales rep will not receive the 5% quarterly increase bonus if they have a below-minimum order in the quarter for the current year or previous year being compared.

Email Templates

Use these customized email scripts to remind your customers of sale items, new products and order deadlines each month!

ProTip – make sure your emails are in HTML format so that links and other formating copy to your email 🙂

Catalog #2 – Email #1

Subject: Delicious ways to stretch your budget!

Stretching your budget in the new year? Each month our catalogs will have big sales on different popular AP products. I’ll add a few from Catalog #2 in this email as well as the link to all of our sales this month. Another great way to stretch your grocery budget is to shop our $9.99 & Under products on page 3!

#2546 Pierce FC 1/2 in. Diced Chicken Breast 2/5 lb. Bags   Reg. $65.99 | SALE $53.99

#2806 AquaStar Black Tiger Shrimp Peeled & Tail On 16/20 2 lb. Bag   Reg. $23.99 | SALE $15.99

#2809 Trident The Ultimate Fish Sticks 4 lb./60 ct Bag   Reg. $29.99 | SALE $23.99

#2373 Carando Rip-N-Dip Pepperoni Pizza 12 ct.   Reg. $43.99 | SALE $32.99

#5354 Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit IW 12 ct.   Reg. $26.99 | SALE $19.99

CloseoutHot Deals

Let me know if you have any questions about these products!

Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order online at
Now just a reminder, my Alison’s Pantry order closes on (date), so please be sure to let me know what you need before then.

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)

Catalog #2 – Email #2

Subject: Going, Going, Gone–Don’t miss this month’s sales or these products leaving for the season!

Here’s a recap of some things you won’t want to miss in Catalog #2.

#1554 Main St. Meats Certified Hereford Choice Flat Iron Steaks 6/8 oz. Steaks (perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner!) Reg. $46.99 | SALE $34.99

#2882 Tyson RED Label Uncooked Golden Crispy Chicken Breast Fillet 2/5 lb. Bags  Reg. $43.99 | SALE $33.99

#3319 Lehi Mills Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 2 lb. bag   Reg. $8.99 | SALE $6.99

#2809 Trident The Ultimate Fish Sticks 4 lb./60 ct Bag  Reg. $29.99 | SALE $23.99

#5354 Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit IW 12 ct.  Reg. $26.99 | SALE $19.99

#2373 Carando Rip-N-Dip Pepperoni Pizza 12 ct.  Reg. $43.99 | SALE $32.99

Shop All New ItemsShop All Sales

Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order online at
Now just a reminder, my Alison’s Pantry order closes on (date), so please be sure to let me know what you need before then.

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)

Catalog #3 – Email #1


Have you had a chance to browse Catalog #3?

I love that every catalog now has new sales…and they’re all BIG ones! I’ll link a few of those below.

This is also the catalog to order everything you need for a special Easter brunch or dinner–think ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, or Brussels sprouts and Beehive Rolls (both have fabulous sales!)

#1153 AP Parchment Paper 1/2 Sheet 100 ct  Reg. $12.99 | SALE $7.49

#8925 Janey Lou’s Beehive Roll Dough 96 ct  Reg. $39.99 | SALE $29.99

#3392 Aquastar Shrimp Scampi & Linguine Saute, 1 lb. bag  Reg. $9.99 | SALE $6.99

#4835 Daily’s Regular Slab Precooked Bacon 2/150 ct.

#3535 Flav-R-Pac Shredded Hashbrowns, 6/3 lb. bags  Reg. $32.99 | SALE $26.99

NEW #3114 Papa Primo’s 7 in. Breakfast Pizza 12 ct $49.99

#3534 Sambazon Amazon Superberry Acai Bowls, 8 ct$31.99


Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order online at
Now just a reminder, my Alison’s Pantry order closes on (date), so please be sure to let me know what you need before then.

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)

Catalog #3 – Email #2


Our time is almost up! Do you have what you need for Easter breakfast and dinner?

Here are a few things on my order, including the AMAZING sales on precooked bacon and parchment paper:

#4835 Daily’s Regular Slab Precooked Bacon 2/150 ct.

#3535 Flav-R-Pac Shredded Hashbrowns, 6/3 lb. bags

#1153 AP Parchment Paper 1/2 Sheet 100 ct

#9134 Janey Lou’s Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls 60 ct $44.99

#2715 Kirkland Applewood Smoked Master Carve Half Ham approx. 4 lb $25.99

NEW #3114 Papa Primo’s 7 in. Breakfast Pizza 12 ct $49.99

NEW #3541 Jimmy Dean Original Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick, 20 ct. $19.99

You can find all of our NEW PRODUCTS or SALE PRODUCTS here.

Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order online at
Now just a reminder, my Alison’s Pantry order closes on (date), so please be sure to let me know what you need before then.

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)

2022 Food Show Cancelled

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January 11th, 2022

Dear AP Reps-

I have a difficult announcement to make. Let me first start off by saying that it honestly feels like sometimes the universe just doesn’t want to align with what we want.

I’m sorry to announce that we are canceling our food show…….again. The reason we’ve decided to cancel it for the 3rd time is because the facility we reserved made a huge mistake and double-booked another event for the same day. They absolutely cannot move the event, so we got bumped. I was on a conference call with them over the weekend and they are incredibly sorry for the scheduling mistake. Between us requesting multiple days and rescheduling it twice they simply got it mixed up and reserved the wrong date. They apologized profusely! I told them that I appreciated their honesty and there was no reason to scream and throw a tantrum (even though I felt like doing exactly that!) The second reason for cancellation is a familiar one: COVID. I don’t know how things are looking in your neck of the woods, but here in Utah we’re to almost 10,000 cases PER DAY! New mask mandates are being issued and we’re not sure how our brokers and vendors will react to news of all time high COVID cases.

After many hours of deliberation, we decided that instead of potentially having the worst attended food show in history that we needed to cancel it indefinitely. The good news is, Jesse and I have decided that we will be putting the money we would have spent on the food show into more rep appreciation and retention programs. (More on that to be announced.)

I just wanted to let you know how sorry we are for making yet another change with this food show. It has been more difficult to put together than any other show in our 35-year history. Kim has been an absolute super star rolling with the punches and enduring all the changes that have been forced upon us with this huge undertaking.

If you have any questions regarding the food show please don’t hesitate to email me directly [email protected] and I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your support, and even though we are unable to host a food show, I am STILL a firm believer that every problem is just an opportunity in disguise.

Joshua Kissee

AP Co-Owner

Click here to learn more about the food show and register now!

Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss a minute of this exciting event.

Whether you’re new to Alison’s Pantry or have been a Rep with us for years, our Food Show is an event you won’t want to miss this fall. Join fellow Alison’s Pantry Reps and customers as we “stir it up,” celebrating successes and learning about Alison’s Pantry products.  It’s a chance to mingle with AP owners and management as you gain valuable knowledge and skills to help your business. Plus, you’ll enjoy learning more about what you sell as you taste your way through over 80 booths of food samples.

Why Attend?

  • It’s a chance to invest time in yourself and your Alison’s Pantry business.
  • Meet new friends, share ideas, and learn from fellow Reps.
  • Enjoy LOTS of amazing food!
  • The opportunity to attend an in-person presentation by Kendrick Shope might be once in a lifetime.  You won’t want to miss it!
  • Go home with a bag full of samples and a heart full of great memories!

Make the Most of it!

  • Attend every event! Each part of our Food Show agenda is planned to help you get the most from this special weekend.
  • Connect with other Reps.  Learn from each other and share ideas.
  • Ask questions on the tours and at supplier booths so you’ll gain knowledge to market products better to your customers.
  • Complete your survey at the Food Show. We use your feedback on potential new products, and on the show itself, to make future decisions.
  • Take a selfie with Josh & Jesse!

“Makes it all real!”

“As a new rep, I was really excited to meet people and to hear what some other people were doing. My business is very much part-time (really small) so I don’t expect to win any awards but it’s great to see other people rewarded for their work. And I loved seeing the staff people who make the website, the catalogs and all these huge deliveries happen every month. Makes it all real.”

Christi Herrick, Kit Carson, CO

“I love it and won’t be missing it!”

“I loved getting to meet all the other reps. I’m not gonna fib….. The prizes were pretty darn amazing too! Being in close proximity to the owners is so cool. Not every company gives you the opportunity to meet the top dogs. I love it and won’t be missing it!”

Haley Notter, Stratton, CO

“You won’t want to miss it!”

“I love food, so I love the food show! Where else can you try all the items in the catalog that you haven’t tried before? The rep night before is the icing on the cake. You can meet all the other reps and put names to faces. YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!”

Stacee Izatt, Nephi, UT

Where to Stay

Spend Friday and Saturday with us in beautiful Utah Valley.  Book a night at the Orem Hampton Inn & Suites* at our special Food Show rate of just $94/night with the button below.  The Hampton Inn is located directly across from the UCCU Center where Food Show events will be held. 

*To ensure availability, please make your reservations by Sept. 6th.

Contact, It’s the name of the game!

During rep calls each month, occasionally I hear a rep say “I only had one customer call me with an order” or “no one called me with orders”  When I hear these statements, I have to wonder how much follow up contact she is making with her customers. Is she waiting for them to call her with an order? Unfortunately, in the busy world in which we all live, this seldom happens. In my own personal business, if I don’t contact each customer until I receive a response, I wouldn’t even have a minimum order.  Part of the responsibility of being a rep is to work your business. By work, this means to advertise, promote and follow up with your customers.

One of the ways to follow up is to check with EACH customer through an avenue of communication i.e. Facebook messaging, Email, Texting and lastly phone calls. If you aren’t contacting your customers personally, then you are missing out on orders. Part of the customer service that we pride ourselves in is to watch out for our customers, to be an extra set of eyes for them. To offer her 100% customer service.  When I contact my customers, I am showing them that I care how busy their lives are and making sure that they didn’t forget to let me know if they wanted anything. As busy as we all tend to be, calling an AP rep with an order falls low on the list of priorities, right down there with cleaning up after the family dog!

rule of 7

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 7?  

This is an old marketing strategy. It states that a prospective customer needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they act and buy from you. Now, the number 7 isn’t set in stone, but you get the idea.  Our competition advertises in the media, our only form of advertising is our personal touch, through messaging and texting and calling.

Keeping the lines of communication is imperative in maintaining the working relationship with your customers. In Money Magazine, it states.

  “Part of relationship selling involves maintaining regular contact. If you neglect a client who has trust in your integrity as a person and as a salesperson, that client may finally be forced to turn to your competitor. (Who has probably been calling regularly to get their business.) So, make sure you not only build the relationship, but keep regular contact and keep all channels of communication open.”

As AP reps, we see our competitors every time we drive by the supermarket. If we want to earn the business of our customer, we must advertise just like the local grocery store. How do we advertise?  Here’s a couple of ideas for you to ponder on.

  1. If you hand deliver your catalogs, you are demonstrating one contact point to your customers. When you hand them a catalog, let them know that you will check back with them to see if they want anything.
  2. If you have your catalogs mailed, as convenient as it is, your customers are not receiving that personal touch. So, you MUST send out a notice to your customers to watch for that catalog, and to let you know if they don’t see it.
  3. Encourage them to order by offering contests. For example, an early bird contest, or when we go live with the new website, for anyone who places their own order.
  4. Make a Face Book post on your group or page once a week leading up to order week. You can use the pre-designed Face Book ads available on the pantryacademy blog
  5. Post once a day during order week on your Face Book group or page. Post pictures of your dinners, recipes using our products or share ideas from the Alison’s Pantry customer page.
  6. Text all your customers a reminder using a Mass Text app. (Hi Everyone, it’s order week, I know that life is busy and I don’t want you to miss out on any of our super deals this month. Please let me know by _________ if you want anything. I will check back with you if I don’t hear from you.)
  7. Finally, if you haven’t heard from them using any of the previous contact methods, please call them on the old-fashioned phone. (Hi _____, I hadn’t heard back from you and didn’t want to miss you if you needed something from Alison’s Pantry….. )

In the Rule of Seven an article in it states:

Too many entrepreneurs only market sporadically because they are “too busy” to market themselves. Then they wonder why they don’t have enough clients. Set aside regular times to engage in marketing activities, even when you’re busy.

We make the mistake of thinking that we are “bothering” the customer instead of offering great customer service. Look at it this way. If your friend found a screaming sale at the local mall and she went and saved a bunch of money and then didn’t tell you about it until the sale was over, would it bother you? You would think to yourself, (Wow, why didn’t you tell me?) Treat your relationship with your customers, the same way. Your customer wants to know of all the great products we offer and the sales, she isn’t always aware and doesn’t always have the time to look over the catalog. If you point out items that you love and use, then she will be more likely to trust you and order.

Good luck on your sales, and remember to check in with your customers often. If you need ideas for growth, please contact you RSM, she is willing to share ideas and help you grow.

Good Luck and Work Hard!

Stacee Izatt RSM

Catalog #3 Email Templates

Email #1 Catalog #3

Subject line: What if we could make getting dinner on the table easier?


If you are anything like me the dinner hour is the crazy hour.  I am finishing work, we are shuffling kids back and forth to various activities, and everyone is hungry and tired! Alison’s Pantry has the solution!

You asked and we’re delivering!   We’re excited to introduce 3 new Meal Kits to make dinnertime easier for busy families.  Each kit includes premium AP ingredients and an easy-to-follow instruction card for assembling the meal. 

Your family will love the warm nourishing food and you will love that all the thinking and deciding is done for you.  Just follow the simple directions for a quick, easy, delicious meal.  Now you can spend time chatting around the dinner table and catching up with everyone instead of worrying about dinner!

Picture #1597

Picture #1599

Picture #1598

Are you looking for more fresh ideas for dinner? Did you know Alison’s Pantry shares yummy meal plans and recipes every week?  Click here to receive yours for FREE every week: Get your free weekly menu plan here

Guess what?  Our favorite Daily’s Bacon and Pork Sausage Patties are on sale! Stock up!

Picture #4835

Picture #3298

Picture #4063

There are so many more great products in the catalog this month!  You can see it here or just let me know if you need a paper copy. 

The Alison’s Pantry order goes in (date).  Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order here:

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)

Email #2 Catalog #3

Subject Line: Doing the happy dance!


I am doing the happy dance!  Chef Shamy butters (an absolute customer favorite) are back!  The options with these creamy favorites are endless!  Prepare with any meat, from chicken to steak for a juicy, flavorful meal.  They are heavenly melted over seafood or vegetables. 

Picture #8879

Picture #8124

Don’t miss our sweet flavored Chef Shamy butters either.

Picture #8128

Picture #8129

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner?  Spring is creeping up on us (thank heavens!).  Don’t miss out on the best ham you will ever eat our best- selling Carve Master Ham– on sale now.

Picture #7960

Picture #5986

You have to have dessert with that tasty ham.  Check out these great option!

Macaroon Mix is on sale!  There are so many thing you can do with this from cookies drizzled with choc to homemade Easter Egg nests with malted milk eggs. My very favorite is to top our Richly Delicious Fudge Brownie Mix with it!

Picture #1965

Brand new this month are these darling Grahm Tart Shells.  The filling ideas are endless!

Picture #1422

Don’t miss all of our other family favorites in the catalog this month!  You can see it here or just let me know if you need a paper copy. 

The Alison’s Pantry order goes in (date).  Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order here:

Thanks so much!

(Rep Signature)