Finding New Customers

Hands down the very best way to gain new customers is to ask your current customers for referrals.  People trust their friends.  In fact, did you know that 92% of consumers believe recommendations from their friends and family over all forms of advertising? done by Nielsen


Referrals are not automatic.  Some “just happen,” but most occur because you do something to trigger it.  You have to learn to ask.

Think about your customers.  Choose regularly ordering customers who love our products.  Also, seek referrals from your most influential customers.  These might not actually be your best customers, but they are the people whose opinions would carry the most weight with others.

Make it easy to get referrals by offering your customers an extra catalog with a spice sample a Be Nourished flyer and a business card or your information on the front of the catalog.

A great way to ask for referrals is to give your customer a current catalog and ask them to share it with a friend or family member.  Be specific.  Try this: “Will you share your catalog with your friends at work?  I will give you free shipping on your order when you give me a new customer who places an order.”  Easy peasy.  Then FOLLOW UP.  Follow up is key.  Later in the month when you contact that customer say, “Did you get a chance to share the catalog at work? Was there anyone who wanted to place an order?”

A great time to ask for referrals is when your customer is really happy about a product and they compliment you or exclaim that what you did for them was awesome. Jump on that opportunity.

Incentives are key.  There are lots of things you can use for incentives to get your customers to give you referrals.

  1. Free shipping
  2. % off their order
  3. A free gift
  4. Coupon

Advertise your referral program regularly.  Use all methods possible to advertise; email, Facebook, texting and phone calls.  Make sure your customers know that they get something special when they refer a friend.

It’s worth the extra effort it takes to ask for those new customers because you will really see your sales grow!

Julie Hawkes, RSM

Invite a favorite customer to host a Tasting Party in her home, order an AP Tasting Party Kit, and you’ll have all the tools to confidently share Alison’s Pantry products with her and her friends. We’ve even created a training video to help you plan your best gathering ever.  Plus, your Hostess will be rewarded with AP credit!*

Talk to your RSM today  to learn more about scheduling AP Tasting Parties to boost your sales and get new customers with our all-inclusive kit.

*Based on party sales.

Fair booths are a great way to introduce a large group of potential customers to Alison’s Pantry products.

It gets our company name and logo out in front of people so it is more recognizable.

It gives you the opportunity to grow your customer base by getting catalogs into people’s hands, giving people a chance to sample some of our products, and gives you a chance to sell additional products.

Click here for more details on Fair Booths.

You want to get the word out that you are a sales rep in your area and grow your customer base but aren’t sure how or what to do?  Here are a few ideas that have worked great for other sales reps, for more details see Advertising:

  • Business cards
  • Car Signs & Window Decals
  • Catalogs
  • Displays
  • Facebook Page
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Magnets
  • Samples
  • T-Shirts