K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie)

When you decided to begin as an Alison’s Pantry rep, you had excitement for the business. Every day you watched for potential customers, and introduced them to AP. Whether you are a brand new rep or a little seasoned, the key ingredient in your AP business is customers. AP does all the rest; all we have to do is find the customers. Occasionally, we start to feel that we have found all that there are to find. But as time goes by the average rep will cycle through her customer list as some of them, move, change family sizes, and find other sources for their needs. During these changes we need to try to maintain consistency in our sales. Here are a few simple ideas to help you. I call it the K.I.S.S method. (Keep It Simple Sweetie)

*Make a list– Go back to the basics and start a fresh list. Look over the people that you meet each day and check whether you have offered these great products to them. Fill out the Who do you know sheet once again. See if there is anyone you are overlooking.  Ask your current customers for referrals. This is definitely one of the best ways to find customers. People will rely on the recommendations of their friends and your friends can be better salespersons than you are sometimes. Let them.

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*Write yourself a script– If you feel awkward on the phone or confronting a person in person, then write a script and practice what you say in front of the mirror. Practice makes perfect as they say and soon it will feel very natural. I always say something along the lines of “ I wouldn’t want you to miss out on these great deals, so I thought I would share them with you”.  When people realize that you are focused on bringing them great deals and benefits  and truly want the best for them, they will be more receptive.

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*Remember your Manners – Always say “Thank you so much for your support and order. It means so much to me.”  Remember your customers have the right to do business elsewhere and they come to you because they feel special.

*Be a Brand Lover– Be loyal to Alison’s Pantry, try the new products and be enthusiastic to tell your customers about them.  Knowing about the products makes them easier to sell.  Attend the webinars to gain the knowledge that is offered.  Shop from your own store, if a customer sees you buying the products that are offered in our catalogs at the local grocery store, why would she purchase them from you?

* Listen – Learn what’s important to your customers and what their needs are. They will trust that you are there for them and this will secure the relationship you have with them.

If you will get familiar with these ideas and make them a part of your business, you will see growth and success in your future. Good luck in your sales and building a business that you can be proud of.



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