Jamie Perkins Panaca, NV

Hi, I am Jamie Perkins from Panaca, Nevada.  I have been married for 19 years to my husband, Grant Perkins, and we have 8 kids 16 and under—Trevin, Bryson, Stetson, Tatelyn, Jexten, MaKyzee, Cutler, and Emmaree.  I don’t personally have many hobbies, besides chasing kids, but someday I am hoping to scrapbook again, possibly ride my horse, and maybe read a book!  In the meantime, I follow them to wrestling and basketball and shooting sports, cooking and cleaning and trying to stay sane!

I became a Rep in June of 2018, taking over for a friend that had new adventures ahead.  It was something that had been in the back of my mind for many years and I really feel was meant to be.  I was very concerned because I live 3 miles north of our town of 900, and 1.5 miles of that is dirt road. And some of those people come from Pioche, 14 miles further.  BUT, so far it has been GREAT!  Of course, we are rural, 90 miles to Cost-Co or Walmart, so that also creates a higher demand for our products.   People love their Alison’s Pantry, but they also love supporting a person that they can relate to, so let them get to know you, and you will love them right back!  I have doubled the business since I took over and I think a few of the reasons are:

#1–I had a lot of ideas about implementing more Facebook, which have really paid off.  I sit down and schedule a lot of posts at a time if I can, I take pictures almost every time we are using an AP product, I share lots of recipes from whatever I am making, and I get lots of feedback from that.  People love knowing who you are as a Rep, they love knowing what you are using and how you are using it.  If you believe in the products, then it makes it so much easier for them.

Believing in the products has been easy for me.  My mom started buying from a friend in Beaver, Utah, named Linda Jessup, sometime around 1990-91, when I was 10 or 11.  I remember being excited to go pick up the order and see we were getting.  The big mylar bags of pudding mix were our favorites and my mom has used Vegalene Spray ever since!!  So, when I was first married and a friend approached me about it, it was really easy for me to be excited to start buying from her.

#2– I do send a text reminder a week before the deadline, the Saturday before and then again on Monday for any stragglers.  I have a list of those who tell me they need or love reminders, so I don’t feel like I am bugging them because I know if they haven’t gotten their order in it is because they forgot.  I know that I was always needing a reminder to get my order in and to get my order picked up, most of them will let me know if they aren’t going to order so that I don’t have to text them again.

#3—I do a monthly drawing for all who ordered that month, with extra entries for those who share, comment, post, or get involved on facebook.  I usually do something simple, a whisk, a bottle of syrup, seasoning, etc.  I try to have a few items on hand so that they can choose and really get something that they will like and use.   I also do a $5 credit for friend referrals when the friend makes their first order.

#4—I do like samples!  I have done soup supreme in the 2 oz cups, cookies, strudel bites, bread with cinnamon chips. I DO NOT do them every month, but I try, it just depends on how crazy life is, but they support me and so I love doing little things for my customers, too!  I always have higher sales in those areas on the next order.

Some of my favorite products—oh boy, so many—I bake A LOT, so the crestware pans, the parchment, the SAF Instant Yeast, all of the seasonings, the Country Pride Chicken Nuggets, the Wyman’s berries, The Holten Beef Fingers, Country Gravy, Vegalene, the Stir Fry Veggies I have been buying as long as I can remember, the bread and roll bags are a must have for me, too!  Since I am looking to share products in my facebook posting, I am always amazed by how much I use.  I love camp chef, norpro, canning stuff, I have bought a little of everything.

I have loved being a Rep, I love the customers, getting to know them and speaking ‘adult’ has been a real blessing to me as a stay-at-home mom.  I am kind of a passionate person, so I put a lot into whatever I take on, so that is really helpful, but this company makes it easy to be excited and passionate about our products and our customers and I really have been blessed to be a part of it!

6 Tips to Finally Stop Procrastinating

Studies show that 1 in 5 people are chronic procrastinators.  I think it’s more like 5 in 5.  Who doesn’t procrastinate sometimes?!

One interesting thing we have found at Alison’s Pantry is that the top reps with the highest sales make lots of reminders and they start early.  So, what I am saying is that procrastination might get in the way of your high sales.

With that in mind here are a few tips to help you not to procrastinate.


  • Chunk things down into smaller tasks. Take the tasks and break them into smaller, simple steps. Don’t make a disorganized crazy to-do list.  Create categories such as home, family, work.


Just Start.jpg

  • Start with your hardest tasks. My mom always said getting started was the hardest part. Count down from 5 (5,4,3,2,1) and then go! (See Mel Gibson, 5 Second Rule).


  • 15 min rule. This means just work on something for 15 minutes.  That is all.  Then you can do something else.


  • Tell yourself a new story. What negative things are you saying about yourself or the tasks that need to be done? Change your story! Be positive and empathetic with yourself.


done is better than perfect.jpg

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Seriously. Done is better than perfect.  And done is better than nothing at all because you didn’t start.


  • Reward yourself when the task is done. Having something to look forward when the task is completed helps you stay motivated to get it done.


  • In case you didn’t already know, we have made a calendar each month for you that helps you not procrastinate.  Everything is scheduled out for you including when you need to get your catalogs out, and send out emails and text reminders.


Rep monthly Calendar 1

It makes it so easy not to procrastinate.  Just post the calendar where you can see it and follow it step by step.  You can even put reminders in your phone to help!

  • If you pull up the calendar digitally from the website dashboard. You can click on the links and it will take you right to the pre-made texts and emails.  All you have to do is copy and paste!

Let AP help make your job easier; check out the calendar, emails and texts and get those reminders done!  You will be amazed at how much it helps your sales!


– Julie, RSM

Give YOUR customers an INCH.

go the extra mile

Our businesses are built on customer service, we pride ourselves in offering it.  In the business world many businesses label what should be a standard as good customer service. First, we need to understand what the standard is. Returning text or phone calls within 24 hours, following up on the phone with a customer to get an order, delivering catalogs before the deadline.  Delivering products to elderly or handicapped customers instead of requiring them to pick it up.  These are all examples of the standard, or also labeled the “givens”, something that is good service, a part of doing business.  These should not be something we should be bragging about they are a natural part of doing business.

Taking it a bit farther, looking for opportunities to exceed the standard and give a little bit extra is what we should be striving for. This is what we like to call good customer service, or giving an extra inch.  Good customer service = profit. It is something that makes money for you, doesn’t cost you money.

extra inch

Let me tell you about a company that gives that extra inch. There is a boot company in Canada that sells warm winter boots. When you purchase a pair of boots, they apply the water proofing for free. This kind act of service takes an extra 25 minutes to perform. This requires the customer to wait an extra 25 minutes, something that most customers are not excited about. How does this small boot shop go the extra inch and make the customer happy about waiting? They offer them a coupon for a FREE muffin and coffee across the street at the little coffee shop. Now this little act of extra probably hasn’t cost the boot shop very much in actual cost, but the impression it has given to the customer is HUGE and strengthens the relationship of the customer and business enough that it fuels the customer to tell their friends about the service. This is called giving an extra inch. Letting your customers know that you care about them and their time and lives matter to you. Not just the dollar figure that they represent.



When you give in inch your customers become a sales force for you. They tell their friends about the relationship and the services that you offer to them, because they love the way they are treated.

What are some ways to offer an inch? As a representative you need to take notice of the opportunities to serve your customers. Listen to them, ask for their input. You can’t help them if you don’t know the situations they are dealing with.  They will share with you the difficulties and joys in their lives and then you can find ways to serve them to offer your help.

Here’s a couple of ideas for you.

  1. Find out the birthdays of your customers. On their birthday send a postcard, a text, a personal message or phone call to wish them happiness, it is a simple gesture, but it will be noticed.
  2. If your customer is interested in a product and you happen to have that product, share a sample with her. Doing this is giving an extra inch to her. She will appreciate the gesture and probably end up ordering the product.
  3. If your customer has a very busy day and isn’t available or stressed about getting her order picked up, deliver it instead. She will appreciate you even more.
  4. If your customer has a sick child, or family member at home. Drop off a soup supreme and a few hot rolls for a dinner. You will make a lasting impression as a friend.
  5. If your customer has celebrations, deaths or other life changing occurrences happening in their lives, take notice and offer your assistance. You could drop off a card, goodie plate to share or your help. Be a friend! Let them know they mean something more to you than just an order.


Make your customers happy! Do your customer feel like just another number? Customer service trumps everything else, they will shop with you because of the relationship you have established with them. Put your customers at the heart of everything you do!  Your competitor, is not doing it. Other companies may surpass you in price, but your relationship will be your driving force.


Maximize your relationship, not your transactions!  Nothing speaks more about your business than the way you treat your customers.  Your happy customers will be your best advertising!  Go on find a way to give an inch! You’ll be happy you did it and your customers will love you!

Stacee Izatt RSM




Janal Hoff, Richardton, ND

Dixie, Alison, Janal.jpg

Dixie Hanson, Alison Chuntz and Janal Hoff at the Food Show, fall 2017


Hi  Everyone! I started as a Wholesale Food rep in February 1997 as a way to help with our grocery bill.  I was pregnant with our 6th child and loved being able to work from home.  I have been through 3 name changes and 6 months with no company but was very happy to have Alison back and now Josh and Jesse!

I have been married almost 38 years to Harvey.  We have 6 grown children and 10 grandchildren.

We are the 3rd generation to own and operate a dairy farm on our land.  It has been in his family for 100 years.  We have 2 robotic milkers to milk our 120 cows.

Our favorite products are the Pacific salmon, the Pub style battered cod, the New Island Sweet Roll dough, the flav r pac stir fry veggies and the parchment paper.  Our favorite way to cook some of these is in our air fryer which was mentioned on a webinar!

The best part about being a rep is the customers.  They become like extended family.  I do reminders at least twice during order week.  People are busy and appreciate a reminder text or call.  The younger customers love ordering online while some of my older customers do not have a computer or credit card. I love getting referrals and offer the referring customer free shipping on their order.  Handing out flyers has been a great way to get new customers!

Catalog #11 Email Templates

We’ll be sending a last call reminder email, similar to the one below, to all customers on our email lists the Saturday before their order deadline.  Many customers are not on our list though, so it’s a great idea to copy the info below and send it on to your customer list.  We’ve also included two NEW email templates you can use with your customers throughout the month. Just click below to access them.

Copy for Catalog #11…

Rep Email #1

Subject Line – Are you wondering what gifts to give at Christmas this year?


We can help you get Thanksgiving on the table with less time and effort so you can spend more time visiting with your family.  DON’T MISS OUT!  Get your Thanksgiving favorites this month so they arrive in time for Thanksgiving.


The Norbest Turkey is the best turkey I have ever eaten in my life!  And it’s so easy to prepare!!

We have everything else you need for Thanksgiving too!  Check out the catalog for more great ideas on everything from mashed potatoes to dessert. See the catalog here: https://bit.ly/2xljEhz

The Holidays are just around the corner and deciding what to buy everyone can cause a cold sweat!  Thank goodness Alison’s Pantry has some great gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Check out these adorable mugging gift sets!  They are perfect for friends, teachers and coworkers.

lehi gift mixes

We also have these beautiful Lehi Roller Mills mixes and gift sets that everyone will love!

There are so many more great ideas in the catalog this month!  You can see it here: 11-Cover https://bit.ly/2xljEhz  or just let me know if you need a paper copy.

The Alison’s Pantry order goes in (date).  Check out the catalog and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order here: www.alisonspantry.com

Thanks so much!


(Rep Signature)

Rep Email #2

Subject Line – Don’t miss out on the best sales of the year!


Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?!  Alison’s Pantry is your headquarters for delicious favorites you can get to the table fast and easy. Let us help so you can spend more time visiting, less time slaving in the kitchen.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Norbest Sweetheart Turkey Breast

Lamb Weston Garlic Redskin Mashed Potatoes

Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Casserole

Grande Classics Whole Green Beans

Janey Lou’s Beehive Rolls

Good Old Days Apple Caramel Crisp

Also I want to let you know about a few of the best sales of the year we are having this month!  Now is a great time to stock up on a few of these favorites that make getting dinner on the table so much easier!


I love to serve Chicken Cordon Bleu when we are in a hurry and I don’t have a lot of time.  My family loves it!

I don’t usually take the time to make rolls from scratch so we love the Beehive Dinner Rolls for Sunday Dinner. They taste better than homemade and are impressive when you have company. 8925

Since the holidays are around the corner and everyone will be home, it’s a great time to make a big, old fashioned breakfast so everyone can visit around the table.  Our Breakfast Meat Variety Pack has something for everyone and it’s on sale – Best Sale of the Year1108

Perfect to go along with your family breakfast, or to use as Christmas gifts, we have our New Five Star Fruit Syrups.  They are made locally in Utah from cold-pressed fruit juice so you taste the fruit and not the sugar.  I’m getting one in every flavor!


Last but not least – every year I stock up on our beautiful wrapping paper.  Its high quality, and the rolls are so huge that you can wrap a ton of presents with just one roll! The hardest part is deciding which ones to get!

allWrapped Up

The Alison’s Pantry order goes in (date).   You can see a current catalog here:11-Cover or just let me know and I am happy to get you one.

Check out the catalog here: https://bit.ly/2xljEhz and text or call me with your order today!  Or you can place your own order here: www.alisonspantry.com

Thanks so much!

Rep Signature

12 Days of Christmas Marketing

Last month in our rep only webinar we shared some great ideas on how to market your AP business during the holidays.  Check out our 12 Days of Christmas ideas with new purchases, new recipes, and new ideas at home and with family to support customers during the holidays.

Choose 12 days before your order goes in and each day share a new idea of how customers can use AP products to create a beautiful gifts, treats, and traditions this year. Click HERE to view the PDF with the calendar, and recipes!


The Top Secret Phrase To Remind Your Customers Without Bugging Them

Everyone hates a pushy sales person.  In fact we avoid pushy people.  However, we don’t want our customers to miss out on our great products, and we want to grow our sales, so what do we do?

1. Build a relationship and care about your customer. Remember important names, dates and events in your customers’ lives. Ask about them.  Care about them.  When you feel like your customers are your friends, being pushy is off the table.

2. Solve a problem. Most of us struggle getting a hot meal on the table at dinner time. Too much to do, too much to think about, and not enough time.  Let your customers know that you are there to help! Ask questions to find out what challenges they are having when it comes to meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

AP is a great solution to all of those problems and you can feel good knowing you are making a difference in families’ lives.  Recently Alison’s Pantry has created several meal plans that work for just about any family.  Share those with your customers!

3.The secret tip to the perfect reminder –All of the top reps will tell you their number one secret to success is lots of reminders. But you don’t want to seem pushy or bug people…..

This trick works every time!  In your text, email, Facebook or phone call use this phrase:

“I don’t want you to miss out”

When you say you are contacting your customers because you don’t want them to miss out it lets them know you care about them, and you are looking out for them.  Pick one or two items you don’t want them to miss out on and add those to your reminders.  If they say they don’t need anything this month, reply, “Ok thanks, I just didn’t want you to miss out on ____.”  It works every time!  Try it!  You won’t feel pushy, they will feel loved and everyone wins!

I challenge you to try these secrets to grow your sales this month without being pushy and see how great they work for yourself!

– Julie RSM

Sharon Johnson – Pinedale, WY

My husband, Bill, was born and raised in Pinedale so 10 years ago, we retired early from managing a large trucking terminal in Kemmerer & another in Wells, NV, and moved back to Pinedale.  We already had some acreage and a home here.  We love traveling, 4-wheeling, rock hunting, hiking with our dog Freddie and spending time with our family.  I quilt, silversmith jewelry, enjoy gardening and everything outside!   After 3 or 4 years I started doing doTERRA classes, promoting healthy lifestyle and traveling around the country.  We have both been self-employed most of our lives which gives anyone a pretty good background in just about EVERYTHING!  Our three children are grown and we have five grandchildren, two of which are in college.  I had been buying Alison Pantry products for about a year when our Rep moved.  At the urging of my friends, I decided to take it on so we could all continue to receive the products we love!  One of the main reasons I bought from Alison’s was their seafood products. I have to say my all time favorite is the Skinless Cod and the Contessa Tiger Shrimp.  We raise our own beef so I was buying the Daily’s bacon, the Carvemaster Ham, Ham slices, Turkey, and another favorite is the Bacon Wrapped Pork!  I would have to say other steady items are several of the Wyman’s Berries, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Oatmeal, Jenny Lou’s Beehive Rolls and Cinnamon rolls, and baking supplies.  Once I started noticing what others bought and sharing their likes, I started expanding!  We love so many of the products!   The Chicken Pot Pies and the Burritos are something my husband can fix when I am gone to my PEO meetings.  Even though there is just the two of us the majority of the time, I have always bought in bulk as the prices are better.  There is always an event where we need to take a dish, bake a dessert, etc.   Lately, I have donated to different fundraisers using such items as the Beehive Rolls, the pulled pork, bacon wrapped pork, the brownie mix and cookie mixes, and frozen ready-to-bake cookies!  I love to cook, but when we are busy, Alison’s products sure are EASY.

One of the things that draws our customers to us is our enthusiasm about the products.  I share my favorites and am quick to give a recommendation or a substitute.  I love my customers, love the interaction.  At first, on order pickup day I would get to visiting and mix up a few products, but I quickly sorted it out and got it to the right person — I always gave them a freebie for my mistakes.  I think they love it that I am not perfect!  In our shop near where the freezers and shelves are, my husband has a little workroom where he cuts and polishes rocks.  My customers love getting the grand tour of his (and my) hobby.  We have gotten to know our customers and treat them like family.  I try to touch base with everyone at least once each month.  I post recipes, specials, and reminders on my Facebook group page and once in a while on our “Sublette County for Sale” Facebook page.  Often I share Becky’s posts on my page and try to personalize my posts.  My customers want constant reminders so the week before orders are due, I call them, I email them, I text them and the FINAL day I text again and call those that don’t text.  I am getting them trained to put in more than one order during the month to take advantage of the sales, closeouts, shortages.  It has taken me over a year to accomplish that!

At first, my husband thought I should advertise in the paper.  I did a small box ad with Alison logo, my name, phone, and the date when orders are due and the date they arrive.  My ad rep happened to be my old hairdresser from Kemmerer and now she is a very good customer.  I may have only gotten one or two customers from the ad, but at least my friends know what I am doing!  The best money spent is on the monthly drawing for a $10 gift certificate, buying items for the gift basket which I give to my customers for bringing in a new customer, and an occasional trade fair booth.  I did just start the punch card, so next time I can have an update.  I always have a catalog and am not shy about handing them out to new people I meet.  I just enjoy myself and enjoy my customers.  It can be contagious!