The Top Secret Phrase To Remind Your Customers Without Bugging Them

Everyone hates a pushy sales person.  In fact we avoid pushy people.  However, we don’t want our customers to miss out on our great products, and we want to grow our sales, so what do we do?

1. Build a relationship and care about your customer. Remember important names, dates and events in your customers’ lives. Ask about them.  Care about them.  When you feel like your customers are your friends, being pushy is off the table.

2. Solve a problem. Most of us struggle getting a hot meal on the table at dinner time. Too much to do, too much to think about, and not enough time.  Let your customers know that you are there to help! Ask questions to find out what challenges they are having when it comes to meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

AP is a great solution to all of those problems and you can feel good knowing you are making a difference in families’ lives.  Recently Alison’s Pantry has created several meal plans that work for just about any family.  Share those with your customers!

3.The secret tip to the perfect reminder –All of the top reps will tell you their number one secret to success is lots of reminders. But you don’t want to seem pushy or bug people…..

This trick works every time!  In your text, email, Facebook or phone call use this phrase:

“I don’t want you to miss out”

When you say you are contacting your customers because you don’t want them to miss out it lets them know you care about them, and you are looking out for them.  Pick one or two items you don’t want them to miss out on and add those to your reminders.  If they say they don’t need anything this month, reply, “Ok thanks, I just didn’t want you to miss out on ____.”  It works every time!  Try it!  You won’t feel pushy, they will feel loved and everyone wins!

I challenge you to try these secrets to grow your sales this month without being pushy and see how great they work for yourself!

– Julie RSM

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