Create Your AP Facebook Page

After learning about what is working and what isn’t on social media, we’re making some big changes on our social media accounts.  We want our Facebook page to be a place that reps and customers want to go; we want to be social, not salesy (is that a word?).

Please give this a shot and if you have any problems, we’re here and more than willing help! –Josh

We’re asking all of our sales reps to do the following:

  1. Log into Facebook then like and follow the Alison’s Pantry Company Page if you haven’t done so already. Also follow us on Instagram!
  2. Make sure you’re a member of the AP Rep Group Facebook page.
  3. Create a BUSINESS Facebook page and invite all of your customers to join it. View the step-by-step tutorial on how to create a FB business page here!  If you already have a customer Facebook group we’d like you to change it to a business page. I will create more videos detailing how to invite your customers and how to use a FB business page.  For header pictures click the images on this page for some that we’ve created for you to use.
  4. Like and share as much of the content you can from our company Facebook page to your new business page. It’s super easy and the posts are always really fun things you and your customers will love. All you need to do is like the post, share it, and leave a comment – please make sure it’s 5 or more words.


To use one of these images as your business page header simply right click and then save to your computer, then upload it to your Facebook page. Just click an image to view larger.

Video Tutorial

Need a little help creating your Facebook Business Page? We’ve created 2 step by step tutorials for you!

How to Create a Business Facebook Page

What to Do with Your Shiny New FB Page