When orders are entered online, payment information is required to process the order. Customers can pay for their order with a credit card, a debit card or a bank account (ACH). They will choose which payment method they would like to use and then they will enter that account information to process their order. Order payments are then processed as follows:

  1. Customer payments are processed on the Friday after your group’s order closes.
  2. Local customer payments are processed on the Tuesday after your group’s order closes. (Local sales reps pick up their orders from the warehouse on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of that same week.)
  3. The EXCEPTION to this process is NET 10 order payments. (See NET 10 tab below for information on this payment option.)

Change/Update Payment Method

Step 1: Login to your portal. Select your customer and click “create order”.

Customer’s start by Logging into the website, then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Click on “My Account: Hi XXX” then select the Payments tab.

Step 3: Click ADD under Credit Cards OR eChecks and add the info to the popup window and save. Setting the new payment as default is optional.

Step 4: Go to the “Order History” tab and find the order that needs payment updated, then select “Change Payment Method”. Select the desired payment method by clicking “Set Payment” and Confirming “Change Payment Account” for that order.

  • If you need to add new payment info to a specific order, be sure and select that order.
  • If you have multiple declined orders you will need to “Set Payment” for each one.

Please let the office know that new payment info has been entered on a declined order so we can reprocess it. Entering new payment info and setting payment does not automatically process the payment.

Declined Orders

Important things to remember about Declined Orders:

We will notify you by text/email if you have declined orders by the Monday of your delivery week. We will automatically move any declined orders to Net 10 at that time. If your customer would rather update their credit card info online instead of paying you directly, be sure to have that submitted** and notify LORI before your net 10 due date – 10 days after your delivery.

**Click the “Update Payment” tab for instructions.

  • All orders will go out on your truck, but please do not deliver declined orders without first collecting payments for them or making sure their payment has cleared with the office.
  • All payments must be taken care of within 10 calendar days of receiving your order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.
  • To check for declined orders simply go to your orders screen in portals and search for “declined” in the search field.
  • How do you know what form of payment was on the order? Go to your invoice report and look at the bottom of the invoice for that customer.
  • All Declined orders will be automatically moved to Net 10 (processed from your account on file 10 days from your order delivery) even if you don’t qualify for net 10.
  • If you enter new payment info for a declined or net 10 order, please notify the office before the Net 10 due date so payment can be processed and removed from your net 10 orders; new cards will not automatically process once they are marked shipped.

Declined Credit/Debit Cards – you can now see why the card was declined on the customer invoice.

Here is a list of possible reasons and explanations and the best action to take for each. Also see Change/Update Payment Method for instructions on updating their credit card information.

Card Declined Reasons and Explanations

  • Card Number Error – Card is likely from a closed account. Enter a new form of payment and remove the card with the error.
  • Closed Account – The account is closed. Add a new card for the customer and remove the closed account card.
  • Credit card has expired – Card must be entered as a new form of payment with the new expiration and security code. Please remove expired card. Please note that the system will not let you use a card at checkout that expires that same month.
  • Do Not Honor – Refused by bank for various reasons. Contact your bank to see why or enter a new card.
  • Insufficient Funds – Have customer check their account balance and then let us know when we can reprocess the card.
  • Invalid Service Code – Card doesn’t support online payments. New card must be entered.
  • Suspected Fraud – Customer’s Bank flagged as suspected fraud. Contact your bank/card company to clear Alison’s Pantry for approved transactions. Then let us know to reprocess the card.

Declined Echecks – any returned echeck is subject to a $5.00 fee.

We are notified of returned echecks by our bank up to 7 days after they are processed.

We will then notify the rep of the returned check and ask you to collect from the customer, enter a debit or credit card instead, or enter the corrected echeck info.

Reasons for returned Echecks

  • Invalid Routing or Account number – this is the most common reason. Enter the echeck as a new form of payment with the correct Routing and Account numbers once you’ve verified the info with the customer. Be sure to delete the invalid echeck info. **To prevent this issue always verify the last 4 numbers of the echeck account number if using an account already on file.
  • Insufficient Funds – customer did not have enough funds in their account on the day payments were processed.
  • Your transaction has been declined – This means the echeck info on file is invalid and needs to be removed.

Net 10

Net 10 is a payment option offered by Alison’s Pantry to qualified sales reps. If you qualify, the Net 10 option is only availabe as a payment option when you are placing orders through the rep portal.

Net 10 should be used at the discretion of the sales rep and allows the customers to place an order without paying for it until it is delivered to the sales rep.

IMPORTANT: You do not have to offer this payment option to any of your customers unless you are confident that they will pay you for that order when it is delivered. Please use caution in allowing customers to place orders on net 10 for more than $100.00. If a customer does not pick up their order on net 10 you will be required to sell their products.

Sales reps MUST collect the money due for any NET 10 order from the customer BEFORE the customer can take their order home.

Payment can be collected from the customer at ANY TIME up until Day 9 after receiving your delivery at which point you will want to have the money deposited into your bank account so it is available for Alison’s Pantry to withdraw it from that account on Day 10.

All Net 10 is due by noon on the Monday it’s due. Any requests for extensions made after 12:00 that day may not be accepted.

You can find your Net 10 total due in two ways:

Please check your net 10 when you print your invoices and again when you receive your net 10 reminder!

Net 10 Report

  • Go to your Reports Tab in your portal.
  • Choose the Commissions report. Then select the catalog you want your net10 total for and click filter.
  • Once it loads you can scroll down to see the following totals: subtotal sales, net 10 total and commissions! Lots of helpful info in this report 🙂

Commissions Page

Your net 10 total will show on the commissions page in your rep portal in the first box, with the green line.

Please note that if you try and check your net 10 total after 12:00 on the day it’s due, it will show $0 as the amount. After that point you can view a customer’s net 10 amount on their invoice by going to their order. Or you can contact the office for a list of your net 10 orders processed.

Net 10 is a privilege.

 Alison’s Pantry is extending credit to you for orders processed as Net 10 and payment for those orders is due 10 calendar days after receiving your delivery. It is your responsibility to get the money collected from your customers and into your bank account within those 10 days, but ultimately, you are responsible to make that payment and need to have the required amount available on Day 10. Any NSFs or extensions of time beyond the 10 days will result in fees being added to your account and the possibility of losing your NET 10 payment privilege.

  • Assigned credits are automatically applied to “pending payment” orders when we process payments the Friday after your orders close.
  • Credits do not show in the Order Confirmation Email.
  • Credits are NOT automatically applied to orders if you assign it when their status is ‘shipped’ or ‘declined’. You will need to ask the office to apply those credits before your Net 10 Deadline.

To view credits for your customers:

  • From your rep Portal go into “create an order” for that customer.
  • Select “My Account”.
  • Select the Credit tab.
  • The Friday after orders close. Credits are automatically applied to orders when payments are processed the Friday after orders close.
  • Credits are NOT automatically applied to orders if you assign it when their status is ‘shipped’ or ‘declined’. You will need to ask the office to apply those credits before your Net 10 Deadline otherwise they will apply to their next order.

You can issue a credit to any customer in your list by doing the following:

  1. In your portal go to Withdrawals
  2. Under “Withdraw Your Commission as Alison’s Pantry Credit
  3. Enter the amount you want to issue
  4. Select the customer from the drop downlist.
  5. You can add a note for your records such as: contest winner, free shipping, early bird, etc.
  6. Click on Assign Credit.
  7. ** You must have available commission to assign a credit.

You can pay for a net 10 order with a credit after it’s shipped but you must notify the office before your net 10 is due.

  1. Assign the desired credit.
  2. Call office to apply the credit to the shipped/declined order.

**Credits are only automatically applied to pending orders when payments are processed.

You can only apply a credit to a shipped order if it has a balance due remaining. You must notify the office to apply the credit before your net 10 is due.

  1. Assign the desired credit.
  2. Call office to apply the credit to the shipped/declined order with remaining balance due.

**Credits are only automatically applied to pending orders when payments are processed.