The Reach App

We’ve found a great app to make it easier for you to text your customers . . . AND we’ll pay you for it!

Download the Reach app and we’ll refund you for each month that you use the app.


  • Include your RSM in a monthly Reach text to your customers.
  • Talk to your RSM quarterly.
  • Request Credit Monthly

Best Practices

Here are a few best practices to avoid being recognized as a spam texter when texting your customers:

  • Increase sending delay to 15-20 seconds (see video below)
  • Limit messages to 160 characters or less
  • Add yourself to the text list with a Z in front of your name. This puts you last on the list of texts sent so that you can see if there are any issues as it goes through the sending list.
  • Increase engagement by asking for reply
  • Do not send links. Instead, in your initial text, ask for the customer to reply if they’d like a link to the catalog or website
  • Avoid Images/Video Attachments

Learn more about the Reach app or download now:

How To Import Contacts to the Reach App:

VERY IMPORTANT: View this video to change the send rate so that all of your texts reach your customers.

How to Import Contacts to the Reach App & Change the send rate