Build your business by rewarding your customers!

Coupons are a highly effective sales tool that can:

  • Entice customers to spend more money.
  • Encourage customers to try a new product and to educate them about our best selling products.
  • Motivate your customers to order more often.
  • Persuade a customer to come back.
  • Build your business through referrals.
  • Aquire new customers.
  • Thank loyal customers for being so awesome.

Coupon Tracking Sheet

Coupon Guidelines

Alison’s Pantry has provided pre-designed coupons for you to use. These are available to download below. 

All coupons are redeemed by the representative, not Alison’s Pantry.

  • what you want the customer to do (reactivate, place a larger order, more consistent orders, refer a friend, etc.).  
    Then match a coupon as a reward for that behavior.  The coupons are designed to mix and match for just that purpose. 
  • Do you have a customer that only orders occasionally?  
    Offer them a coupon for the month you want them to place an order and write the  expiration date as that month. 
  • Are you looking to reactivate a customer?  
    Offer them free shipping or a free product on their next order.
  • A good rule of thumb is 5 coupons in one month.
    To keep costs and tracking to a minimum, we suggest focusing on a few customers at a time to give the coupons to, rather than everyone all at once.
  • Track and Follow up.  
    We have created a fantastic tracking sheet so you can track which customer you gave which coupon to.  
    FOLLOW UP!  Remind customers that they have   coupons and ask them if they would like to redeem them. 
  • Point out expiration dates to your customers and stick to them.  An expiration date creates urgency.  Leverage that.
  • The secret is occasionally, not regularly.  
    Coupons should be given to customers occasionally, not every month to every customer.  You don’t want customers to come to expect a coupon before they purchase anything.
  • Redeem it the easy way!  The easiest way to redeem a coupon is to assign that amount in credit to your customer. 
  • Distribute the coupons. You can print them (they look great in color or in grayscale) or email them to your customers—just let your customers know they can email it back when they want to use it.  You can also text a picture of the coupon, slip them inside of a catalog or add them to a thank you note and send by snail mail.