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  • Where can I find what a customer has ordered in the past?  In the Sales by customer report or in the customer’s order history under the customer’s account. 
  • Where can I find who has placed an order in the last six months and who hasn’t?  In the customers active in the last six months report.
  • Where can I find the date each month that catalog mailings need to be updated?  View Schedule
  • How do I search for a product that a customer ordered?  Download all invoices since last cut off date.  Hit control F and then type in the item or item #.
  • How do I receive an email when a customer places an order?  Check the box on your rep profile page for notifications. 
  • How do I get my commission?  Request it in the withdrawals section on the dashboard. More Info Here
  • How do I remove a customer from my customer list?  Click on the customer. Scroll down to the status box.  Uncheck it. Then hit the green submit button below.
  • Where do I find the link to the texts and email reminders for customers for the month?  They are under the dropdown menu for Managing My Business: Reminder Scripts. Text Scripts Email Scripts
  • How do I find the total due of my Net 10?  Go to your REPORTS and select the Commissions report. Then choose the catalog you want your total for and click FILTER.
  • How do I order extra catalogs?  Just add item #1337 Extra Catalogs to your personal order.  They come in bundles of 10 for $2.50
  • How do I give a customer a discount or credit?  Go to withdrawals.  Choose withdraw your commission as Alison’s Pantry Credit.  From the drop down box choose the customer, choose the amount and then click on assign credit.
  • How do I change a customer’s payment method? View Here
  • Where are the order and delivery schedules? View Here