Sharon Johnson – Pinedale, WY

My husband, Bill, was born and raised in Pinedale so 10 years ago, we retired early from managing a large trucking terminal in Kemmerer & another in Wells, NV, and moved back to Pinedale.  We already had some acreage and a home here.  We love traveling, 4-wheeling, rock hunting, hiking with our dog Freddie and spending time with our family.  I quilt, silversmith jewelry, enjoy gardening and everything outside!   After 3 or 4 years I started doing doTERRA classes, promoting healthy lifestyle and traveling around the country.  We have both been self-employed most of our lives which gives anyone a pretty good background in just about EVERYTHING!  Our three children are grown and we have five grandchildren, two of which are in college.  I had been buying Alison Pantry products for about a year when our Rep moved.  At the urging of my friends, I decided to take it on so we could all continue to receive the products we love!  One of the main reasons I bought from Alison’s was their seafood products. I have to say my all time favorite is the Skinless Cod and the Contessa Tiger Shrimp.  We raise our own beef so I was buying the Daily’s bacon, the Carvemaster Ham, Ham slices, Turkey, and another favorite is the Bacon Wrapped Pork!  I would have to say other steady items are several of the Wyman’s Berries, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Oatmeal, Jenny Lou’s Beehive Rolls and Cinnamon rolls, and baking supplies.  Once I started noticing what others bought and sharing their likes, I started expanding!  We love so many of the products!   The Chicken Pot Pies and the Burritos are something my husband can fix when I am gone to my PEO meetings.  Even though there is just the two of us the majority of the time, I have always bought in bulk as the prices are better.  There is always an event where we need to take a dish, bake a dessert, etc.   Lately, I have donated to different fundraisers using such items as the Beehive Rolls, the pulled pork, bacon wrapped pork, the brownie mix and cookie mixes, and frozen ready-to-bake cookies!  I love to cook, but when we are busy, Alison’s products sure are EASY.

One of the things that draws our customers to us is our enthusiasm about the products.  I share my favorites and am quick to give a recommendation or a substitute.  I love my customers, love the interaction.  At first, on order pickup day I would get to visiting and mix up a few products, but I quickly sorted it out and got it to the right person — I always gave them a freebie for my mistakes.  I think they love it that I am not perfect!  In our shop near where the freezers and shelves are, my husband has a little workroom where he cuts and polishes rocks.  My customers love getting the grand tour of his (and my) hobby.  We have gotten to know our customers and treat them like family.  I try to touch base with everyone at least once each month.  I post recipes, specials, and reminders on my Facebook group page and once in a while on our “Sublette County for Sale” Facebook page.  Often I share Becky’s posts on my page and try to personalize my posts.  My customers want constant reminders so the week before orders are due, I call them, I email them, I text them and the FINAL day I text again and call those that don’t text.  I am getting them trained to put in more than one order during the month to take advantage of the sales, closeouts, shortages.  It has taken me over a year to accomplish that!

At first, my husband thought I should advertise in the paper.  I did a small box ad with Alison logo, my name, phone, and the date when orders are due and the date they arrive.  My ad rep happened to be my old hairdresser from Kemmerer and now she is a very good customer.  I may have only gotten one or two customers from the ad, but at least my friends know what I am doing!  The best money spent is on the monthly drawing for a $10 gift certificate, buying items for the gift basket which I give to my customers for bringing in a new customer, and an occasional trade fair booth.  I did just start the punch card, so next time I can have an update.  I always have a catalog and am not shy about handing them out to new people I meet.  I just enjoy myself and enjoy my customers.  It can be contagious!

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