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Hi, I am Jamie Perkins from Panaca, Nevada.  I have been married for 19 years to my husband, Grant Perkins, and we have 8 kids 16 and under—Trevin, Bryson, Stetson, Tatelyn, Jexten, MaKyzee, Cutler, and Emmaree.  I don’t personally have many hobbies, besides chasing kids, but someday I am hoping to scrapbook again, possibly ride my horse, and maybe read a book!  In the meantime, I follow them to wrestling and basketball and shooting sports, cooking and cleaning and trying to stay sane!

I became a Rep in June of 2018, taking over for a friend that had new adventures ahead.  It was something that had been in the back of my mind for many years and I really feel was meant to be.  I was very concerned because I live 3 miles north of our town of 900, and 1.5 miles of that is dirt road. And some of those people come from Pioche, 14 miles further.  BUT, so far it has been GREAT!  Of course, we are rural, 90 miles to Cost-Co or Walmart, so that also creates a higher demand for our products.   People love their Alison’s Pantry, but they also love supporting a person that they can relate to, so let them get to know you, and you will love them right back!  I have doubled the business since I took over and I think a few of the reasons are:

#1–I had a lot of ideas about implementing more Facebook, which have really paid off.  I sit down and schedule a lot of posts at a time if I can, I take pictures almost every time we are using an AP product, I share lots of recipes from whatever I am making, and I get lots of feedback from that.  People love knowing who you are as a Rep, they love knowing what you are using and how you are using it.  If you believe in the products, then it makes it so much easier for them.

Believing in the products has been easy for me.  My mom started buying from a friend in Beaver, Utah, named Linda Jessup, sometime around 1990-91, when I was 10 or 11.  I remember being excited to go pick up the order and see we were getting.  The big mylar bags of pudding mix were our favorites and my mom has used Vegalene Spray ever since!!  So, when I was first married and a friend approached me about it, it was really easy for me to be excited to start buying from her.

#2– I do send a text reminder a week before the deadline, the Saturday before and then again on Monday for any stragglers.  I have a list of those who tell me they need or love reminders, so I don’t feel like I am bugging them because I know if they haven’t gotten their order in it is because they forgot.  I know that I was always needing a reminder to get my order in and to get my order picked up, most of them will let me know if they aren’t going to order so that I don’t have to text them again.

#3—I do a monthly drawing for all who ordered that month, with extra entries for those who share, comment, post, or get involved on facebook.  I usually do something simple, a whisk, a bottle of syrup, seasoning, etc.  I try to have a few items on hand so that they can choose and really get something that they will like and use.   I also do a $5 credit for friend referrals when the friend makes their first order.

#4—I do like samples!  I have done soup supreme in the 2 oz cups, cookies, strudel bites, bread with cinnamon chips. I DO NOT do them every month, but I try, it just depends on how crazy life is, but they support me and so I love doing little things for my customers, too!  I always have higher sales in those areas on the next order.

Some of my favorite products—oh boy, so many—I bake A LOT, so the crestware pans, the parchment, the SAF Instant Yeast, all of the seasonings, the Country Pride Chicken Nuggets, the Wyman’s berries, The Holten Beef Fingers, Country Gravy, Vegalene, the Stir Fry Veggies I have been buying as long as I can remember, the bread and roll bags are a must have for me, too!  Since I am looking to share products in my facebook posting, I am always amazed by how much I use.  I love camp chef, norpro, canning stuff, I have bought a little of everything.

I have loved being a Rep, I love the customers, getting to know them and speaking ‘adult’ has been a real blessing to me as a stay-at-home mom.  I am kind of a passionate person, so I put a lot into whatever I take on, so that is really helpful, but this company makes it easy to be excited and passionate about our products and our customers and I really have been blessed to be a part of it!

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  1. Beautiful family! That was helpful to see all the things you do in your business and your favorite products. Thank you!

  2. I really enjoyed your wonderful bio! It sounds like you are a real people person! That is what I love the most about Alison’s, sharing the food and the stories with my friends.

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