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Janal Hoff, Richardton, ND

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Dixie Hanson, Alison Chuntz and Janal Hoff at the Food Show, fall 2017


Hi  Everyone! I started as a Wholesale Food rep in February 1997 as a way to help with our grocery bill.  I was pregnant with our 6th child and loved being able to work from home.  I have been through 3 name changes and 6 months with no company but was very happy to have Alison back and now Josh and Jesse!

I have been married almost 38 years to Harvey.  We have 6 grown children and 10 grandchildren.

We are the 3rd generation to own and operate a dairy farm on our land.  It has been in his family for 100 years.  We have 2 robotic milkers to milk our 120 cows.

Our favorite products are the Pacific salmon, the Pub style battered cod, the New Island Sweet Roll dough, the flav r pac stir fry veggies and the parchment paper.  Our favorite way to cook some of these is in our air fryer which was mentioned on a webinar!

The best part about being a rep is the customers.  They become like extended family.  I do reminders at least twice during order week.  People are busy and appreciate a reminder text or call.  The younger customers love ordering online while some of my older customers do not have a computer or credit card. I love getting referrals and offer the referring customer free shipping on their order.  Handing out flyers has been a great way to get new customers!

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  • Hi Janal! What an honor to stand by you and Dixie at the food show. You are an amazing hard working rep and I appreciate your devotion to our company. Thank you! ❤️


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