Sebrina Mothershead, Custer, MT

First of all I just have to say how thankful I am to be a part of this company. This opportunity has already done so much for my family.

The first thing I do every month is print off my customer list. This is so as I talk to my customers I note by their name anything that I might need to remember later. For instance if they are going to be gone for a period of time, might like to try a new product, or any changes to their account. I also have a notebook that is just for orders. This way if I get orders while away from home they are all in one place.

Most of my customers are from previous Alison’s Pantry reps so I don’t know them personally. This adds a whole new level of providing personal service. When I talk to my customers I ask how they liked things they have ordered before. This gives me an insight to what they ordered before I was their rep, and gets them thinking about reordering their favorites.

I send out text and emails about specials. I make sure to keep in contact at least once a week. I also have a Facebook page that I post in quite often through the month. Mostly I just try to keep my customers updated on anything new happening.

I  always make sure to have extra catalogs on hand and ask all my customers if they would like one to share. Most people will take an extra. I also leave 4-5 catalogs at the local gas station, school, bars and bank.

We had VBS this last week and I made up some mini blueberry muffins for snacks. I got many complements on how good they were. My response was “Thanks its all Alison’s Pantry”. My Husband is a huge supporter, he is much better at talking to people than I am. One day we had some people that are friends of a friend and when he introduced me he says ” This is my wife Sebrina, she sells Alison’s Pantry and Avon”. All of the hard work was done and I was able to just get down to business of explaining how it works and what Alison’s Pantry is.

I am my biggest customer! When I tell people that I buy 95% of my food from Alison’s Pantry they want to know more about our food. It helps that I am 30 miles from the closest grocery store and 50 miles from a Costco or Sams Club, most of my customers are even further. When we are around other people I like to ask my kids what they want to eat when we get home. When they see how excited my kids are about our food they want to know what’s so special about it. I also have snack food on hand when we travel and have people ask where I got it, that’s when I hand them a catalog. I try to talk to at least 3 people a day about Alison’s Pantry. Food is such an easy thing to sell and when its great food it just makes it that much easier.

I’m not sure when I learned this but I always keep it in mind while making calls. If you SMILE while you talk your customer will hear it. if you sound happy and excited your customers will get happy and excited too!


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