Haley Notter – Stratton, Colorado

Haley Notter familyMy name is Haley Notter and I live in Eastern Colorado.  My husband and I have 3 children. Cyler is 11, Hanna is just shy of 10 and Corbin will be 6 this week.  They have us on our toes for sure!  I became an AP sales rep when I was getting out of a 15-year streak of being a licensed daycare provider.  I was used to being in the sales business prior to AP so it was natural for me to share Alison’s Pantry with people.  The food business is much better for me because people always have to eat. 🙂 I’m a food lover too so it fits!  I also LOVE the flexibility I have being a stay-at-home momma.  AP is the best part-time job any mom could ask for.  Even as young as our kids are, they are responsible each month to help get ready for the truck.  They love the little incentive of a pay check too!  AP is definitely a family business for us.  My husband is one of my best supporters!

This is my 5th summer selling for Alison’s Pantry.  I feel like AP has been a great success for me because I strive to reach new customers every month to help fill the gap when other customers’ freezers are full.  I always make sure each and every customer is contacted every order period.  If I don’t reach them the first time, I’ll try again.  I typically make a phone call to them if I have not heard back from them after the second attempt.  It feels like I’m pestering but most customers are always so thankful for the reminder call.  It is very important to do reminders.  So many forget but have intentions on ordering.  I like to do monthly drawings for free product and customers appreciate that even if it is only $10 worth of product.  One thing that has been a total hit is each month I order in a bunch of extra product and the day prior to delivery, I post it online for sale.  It is a little extra work with invoices but it definitely boosts sales by $200-$400 depending on what I buy.

I can’t thank Alison’s Pantry enough for coming into our family’s life.  It’s definitely been a blessing.

Haley Notter

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