Hang Up On Your Phone Phobias

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“The number one Phone phobia is manifested in this fear: “Customers will think I’m pushy.”  Guess what?  If a customer gave you her phone number, she gave implied permission to call her!  Follow through on your implied promise to keep connected.”

  • Ask her how she would like to be contacted. Does she prefer a text, Facebook message, phone call or email?  Knowing the right way to contact her will make her more comfortable and you more successful in reaching her.

Maybe you are worried about interrupting your customers or catching them at a bad time.  When your customer answers the phone and you’ve identified yourself, simply ask, “Am I getting you at a good time to chat for two minutes?”  Giving yourself a time limit of two minutes alerts her that you’re respectful of her time.  Keep your promise to be brief and concise.

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The secret to getting the orders is in the follow up.  People love our catalog!  They love our products!  They are busy though, and they need a reminder; just like your doctor’s office calls you to remind you of your appointment.  You appreciate that reminder, don’t you?  A quick phone call asking them how they are doing and reminding them that the order is going in is great customer service.  And it’s the difference between an okay rep with okay sales and a great rep with fantastic sales.

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Are you afraid you don’t have time to make reminder phone calls? Look at your schedule ahead of time (like a month in advance)and write on your calendar when you will be making your reminders.  Then don’t plan anything else in that time slot.  The best way to do that is to set aside 15 min. at a time.  Everyone can find 15 minutes to make reminder phone calls and texts.  And over a week’s time those 15 minute increments add up fast!

Don’t be afraid of picking up the phone and calling your customers.  It’s a great way to nurture friendships and grow your business at the same time.

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