Are you Ready for the New Year?

Are you ready for the New Year? It’s here whether you are ready or not.

As I reflected on my last years goals for Alison’s Pantry, I remembered wanting to be more organized in my office to aid in being more efficient for my customers. This is an ongoing goal for most business women. As business women and men we try to do it all and sometimes feel like we fall short. One of the ways that helped me to feel more organized and productive was to organize a quick and efficient way to store the information on my computer, helping me to locate it when I needed it. Most of us don’t have time to wade through thousands of computer files, emails, texts and messages. Knowing that organization is a learned and practiced skill, as your RSM’s we are planning on focusing on ways to improve this area of business during the month of January. We will teach you what works for us and new ways to organize and make your home based business work better for you. Below you will find the system that I use which works great for me, I think that it can work well for you too. Please feel free to make adjustments and use as you would like. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or ask your questions on our Face Book groups.   Happy Selling!!


How to Organize your Computer Files for your AP business.

One of the hardest things to do is manage your business; the most important thing you can do is to set up a system that you understand and is easy to use.   Start with a filing system for your home office.

I recommend a system with hanging file folders for your office. Have a file for each catalog IE. Catalog #1-2016. You will want to include these hard copy items in each file.
1. A copy of the AP catalog
2. A copy of your sales invoice with the demo products or giveaways highlighted.
3. A copy of the AP invoice that came with your order.
4. Any credit invoices that you had from returns for that month.
5. A copy of the Tax report for your taxes.
6. I also include any copies that I may need for my customers, receipts from business expenses and mileage reports.

When you finish up a catalog, you will want to keep a copy of the catalog, your tax report, your personal order, and your AP invoice. I also keep any business expense receipts with the packet. Then I clip it together and place it in a file in my office. If I used any items for a demo or sample, I would highlight the item number and cost on my invoice for tax purposes. Also if I gave any items as a gift for a customer for contest, that also can be adjusted on your taxes. I also keep any mileage or postage receipts that I may have gotten in the packet for your taxes

Organize your Computer

Your computer is organized in files; usually most files are located in the documents file in your “C” drive. You will want to become familiar with your system to find out where your files are stored when you save them. After you locate the documents file, then you will want to make a sub folder for Alison’s Pantry (see example). After you make the folder you can then save your Alison’s Pantry items to that folder. I make sub folders in the AP main file for each catalog (see example) i.e. Catalog # 8.14

Organizing your business

organizing your business 2

For example, AP order forms, invoices, personalized newsletters, special offer sheets, and any contests that might be in effect should be placed in the corresponding file. Then when the month is over and you no longer need it, make sure that you have hard copies of all of the important items you may need for taxes and then delete the file. I usually wait for 2 months before deleting, just to be sure I have all that I need out of it.  Some reps place the current catalog file on the desktop to access it quicker. Then they just remove it after the month. I keep all of my catalogs and then file them in a yearly file, thereby allowing me to look back on past catalogs.

organizing your business 3

Check back for more ideas on organizing your email accounts….




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