Best Practices


Since this is the first month with all the changes, here are some reminders to help ensure great sales on Catalog #1.

  • If you are in the Blue group, orders will close Monday Jan. 4th at 5 p.m.  MST.  All orders must be in by then.  (Red group order deadline is Monday Jan. 18th).  As a reminder, our catalogs are printed with the Saturday date prior to these deadlines, so your customers won’t wait until the last minute to place their orders.  Since we’re adjusting customers to other changes, adjust them to ordering with you by Saturday to avoid a last-minute rush.
  • Remember there are no more late orders, and educate your customers about this change.
  • Be sure to call your customers and ask them if they’ve received their catalogs.  If you are Blue Group and customers still have not received catalogs, contact them to verify their mailing address to make sure it is correct in Portals.  You must have the mailing address in the pink fields, not the physical address, if they have a PO Box.  If they still did not receive their catalog with everything correct in Portals, you will need to either give them a catalog (if you ordered extra ones), or encourage them to look at the catalog online for this month.  Here is the link to our online catalog.
  • Educate your customers on our new process.  Guide them to their own order deadline on the back of their catalog so they’ll know where to find it each month.
  • Remind customers about our special offer – for every $75 or more they buy, they qualify to purchase one 5 lb. bag of popcorn chicken for just $4.99!
  • Ask for referrals!  Anyone who refers a friend who orders $25 or more will receive FREE BROWNIES from Alison’s Pantry!
  • Tell your customers about our BIGGEST SOUP SALE EVER!  Remember to repost your beautiful Soup Supreme images on social media sites, or in your reminder e-mails to customers.  Put that “soup-er” new product knowledge to work!
  • Reminder phone calls, texts, emails, and Facebook posts are key.  Ask for the sale, customers appreciate the reminder!
  • Before the order closes – double check that all hot deals, overstock items, and special offers have been added.  Add any contest prizes or samples you need for your customers.
  • Save the report “Sales Order-All” to your computer and check each customer’s order to make sure it’s there.  No one likes dropped orders!
  • Make sure your order is above minimum to receive a commission.
  • Don’t forget our Holiday Rep Appreciation Program has been extended and anyone whose order is above $2000 will receive a discount off of their own personal order!

Good luck on your orders this month!


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