Be Your Own Best Customer

You are a sales representative for Alison’s Pantry and sell our great products to your customers BUT are you your own BEST CUSTOMER??  Do you buy all you can and need through Alison’s Pantry to feed yourself and your family??  If you don’t, then I want you to consider this question for a moment – if you don’t buy and use what you sell, why should your customers?!

Family meal time

I am far from having meals planned out a week at a time let alone a month at a time but as I continue to improve in this area, I find that more and more of what I need to make each meal is available from Alison’s Pantry!!  And, when finances are tight, I find that if I have ordered more of what I need from Alison’s Pantry, I am making less trips to the store and then I am avoiding that impulsive shopping trap that I fall into so many times, buying things I really don’t need and shouldn’t be spending money on!  And as far as quality is concerned, our products are superior to almost anything we can get at the grocery stores which means a great deal to me and my family!  I will never buy frozen fruits and vegetables from a grocery store again!!  They are tasteless mush compared to the firm, flavorful products we sell!!


I’m not saying you should be lining out your meals for the entire month but I am suggesting that you look at the types of meals your family likes and then buying what you need from yourself!  If you are using your commission to pay for your food, you are, in many cases, getting your food for “free” without having to put any money out of pocket and you are supporting your Alison’s Pantry business!  On top of that, you are learning about and using the products you sell!!  What better way is there to sell product than to have your customers see that you buy and use the products you sell!  That is why we are always encouraging you to share pictures of your meals with your customers through Facebook posts and emails.  This WILL help your sales!  I promise!!

Lazy Lasagna

I want to challenge you to look at your last grocery store receipt and see if there wasn’t something you had to purchase from the store because you didn’t have it from Alison’s Pantry.  I just looked at my last 4 grocery store receipts and there was only one item I purchased because we ran out of the one I buy through Alison’s Pantry.  I will definitely have to get an extra one on my next order!

So, BE YOUR BEST CUSTOMER!!  You are an Alison’s Pantry sales rep and sell amazing products!!  Use these great products, share them with your customers, and watch your sales grow!

Becky Price, RSM


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