Organizing your Inbox

This is a continuation of the previous post about organizing your computer …

Organize your Email Inbox
When you receive an email that you need to keep from your RSM or AP support, you will want to move it out of your main email inbox to a sub file in your email account. Set one up for your customers, and AP, then you can sort the emails and not get them lost in all of the other items that clutter your inbox. They also are archived in the sub files instead of shuffled in the main file.

email file blog

When you receive an email from your RSM or Support that you want to keep, you will want to download it to the AP sub file that corresponds; you will want to designate it to where it should go at download. Then when you need to retrieve it, you can locate it quick and easy.

Keeping Track of your Mileage

I also keep a log of my mileage for taxes, anytime you travel for your business, such as customer deliveries,  if you travel to the warehouse, or to meet the truck for your order, banking transactions made in person at the bank,  travel to the post office for mailings can also be deducted. You must keep accurate mileage records of these trips. I have attached a form that I designed and have made in to a booklet form that I carry in my vehicle. I use a new one each year.

mileage form


Postage that you purchase to send AP related items

Any postage or mailings, that you use for your AP business can be deducted on your income tax, this includes PO box rental fees. Keep your receipts for all of the purchases you make that are business related, printer cartridges, paper for printing, checks for your account, general office supplies etc. For tax related questions, consult your accountant, they can give you further information regarding what you can deduct.
Another great idea is to use your email to notify your customers of pick up day. With our quicker delivery cycle we don’t have enough time to send out postcards like we used to so this is the way I have chosen to do it; it is quicker and easier for some, and more cost effective.  You can download a sales order after you input the order and then attach it in an email back to the customer. If your customer does not use email, but you can text, you can text them a confirmation, take a picture of your computer screen with the sales order on it and attach the picture to the text. You can send a picture of the sales order in your email or Facebook as an attachment. I use a snipping tool for a screen shot saver. It allows you to save a picture of your screen, so I enter portals and snip a pic of the sales order individual and send it in an email to remind them of pick up.

See example below
Hi Customer,

I received your #1 January AP order.
It will be ready for pick up on Thursday Jan 7th from 2-9pm.
Please see the attached invoice and let me know if you need any changes before Monday Jan 4th.  Thank you for your support!   Stacee


copy of invoice

Hopefully these ideas will help you to organize and streamline your AP business, making it more efficient, profitable and rewarding.


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