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McKenzee Ellis family

Hello, Reps!

I have been recently asked to share how I have grown and maintained my Alison’s Pantry sales.  And I’m thrilled and happy to share.

To begin, I’d like you to ask yourselves a few questions.  How important is being a representative for Alison’s Pantry to you?  Do you enjoy being a rep?  Would you want to live without the products that Alison’s Pantry has to offer?  Does the amount of income you bring in benefit you and your family?

These are the questions that I have asked myself time and time again throughout my time being a rep.  My answers to these questions are simple!  YES, I enjoy being a rep!  NO, I do not want to live without the products from Alison’s Pantry because I love the quality.  YES, the extra income I make from being a rep benefits my family.

I believe that because I enjoy being a rep, it in turn helps me better and sustain my sales.  If you believe in what you’re doing and taking action, how can it fail?  I believe there are two main things that will help anyone with their sales and they are:

  • Customer Service! I cannot emphasize this enough!  My customers are the sole reason I exist as a rep.  Without them, how could I be a rep?  I really try to make them feel most important and they are!  When they arrive each month, I like to ask them, “How are you doing?  Have you been satisfied with your past orders?”  I also like to take a personal interest in them.  They are my friends!
  • Dedication! You’ve all heard the saying, “You get out of it what you put into it!”  It’s so true!  I have tried hard each month to make sure all my catalogs are out (and now that catalogs are mailed for us, that customers have received their catalog in the mail).  I think if you make the effort to reach your customers, they in turn do the same.  I send emails out informing my customers of specials, hot deals, order deadlines, and upcoming drawings and events.  I feel that if anyone is like me (Forgetful Kenzee) they want reminders!  But make sure that any contact you have with your customers is not pushy in anyway.  They are not a dollar sign to me.  Remember, they are important!

I believe that if you believe in your cause, you cannot fail.  Be dedicated to your cause and your job.  I recently had a booth at a local boutique and I could not believe the response I got from our little town of Kemmerer!  If people see how engaged you are in your product and job, they’ll want to investigate.   If you haven’t tried getting out there…do!  It’s a great way to get people informed!  All you have to do is act!  I hope what I have shared will help you in your upcoming sales.  Good luck!


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