A Clean Work Location is Good Business!

Your order is being delivered tomorrow.  You go down your checklist to make sure you are ready.  Invoices printed – Check.  Freezers on and cleaned out – Check.  Work location clean – ?????

Part of preparing to receive your Alison’s Pantry order each month is to make sure that your work location, where you do your business and customers come to get their product, is clean and pleasant to the sight and smell.  You want your customers’ experience picking up their order to be a positive one so they will feel confident in telling others about you and Alison’s Pantry.  Word of mouth is the BEST way to grow your business so we want everything your customers share with others to be positive about you and Alison’s Pantry.

BUT, one thing that will quickly destroy your business is a dirty, disorganized work location!  When customers come to pick up their order, what do they see?

This??  (Unclean, disorganized)




Or something close to this?!!  (Clean, organized)




Wherever you do business, it must be clean and organized!  It looks good and smells good so that customers are not wondering if their food is okay.  The last thing you or Alison’s Pantry wants is to hear complaints from customers about the dirty condition of your work location.  **Sales reps have lost customers because of an unclean work location, especially their home.  And we really don’t want to see there be any issues that would involve the Health Department because that would shut you and potentially the whole company down immediately!

I also want to discuss the handling of your pets, if you have any, during order pickup. Please make sure your dogs are not running loose with the potential to jump up on your customers.  It would be best to make sure they are outside penned up or in a room with the door closed while customers are over. Cats also if you have customers who are sensitive or allergic to their hair or dander.  Also, do not place customers’ orders near cat litter boxes or animal food dishes or on tables with dirty dishes or other unpleasant items.

Again, we want your customers’ experience when they pickup up their food order to be a pleasant and positive experience that will be shared with others and will help to build and strengthen your Alison’s Pantry business.  So, please make sure a clean work location is a top priority each month when you are dealing with your Alison’s Pantry delivery and order pickup!

Becky Price, RSM

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