Lori Miskin, Rockland, Idaho


Meet Lori Miskin.  She is an amazing rep who is always going the extra mile with her customers.  lori-miskin

We have a “Yours, Mine and Ours” kind of family with a total of six kids ranging from age 19 (playing basketball in college in Colorado) down to a little 4 year old (who recently severely broke his arm). With high school boys, a junior high teenage daughter and elementary kids, you can imagine we are super busy!! Volleyball, choir concerts, football, church responsibilities, basketball, school plays, cross country, room mother duties, track, band concerts, and the list goes on and on!! I really wanted something to do to earn some money for our family but dreaded daycare for my littles and couldn’t imagine having any time to work.

Alison’s Pantry was a PERFECT fit for me! I was able to take over for the previous rep 2 1/2 years ago and continue to (slowly) build the business in our very small rural town and a bigger neighboring town, too. I love being home and still earning a little extra income. Even though sales fluctuate from month to month, I feel that I continue to improve. I make special effort to remember things my customers talk to me about and ask them later how that went for them. I also check with them when their favorite items are on sale to improve my sales. They trust my opinion and I’m always honest with them. I always do reminder calls, emails and texts. I think that makes a HUGE difference.

I take advantage of the tools AP offers to us as reps, like the webinars, Julie’s fabulous expertise, the fair kit, the beautiful images for facebook and I can’t wait to squeeze in a tasting party or two.

I especially love our cooking products like the parchment paper, the cookie sheets and the cast iron cookware. We offer things you can’t find in the stores. Alison’s Pantry is a unique opportunity for customers and reps alike. I’m so glad they found me!!

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