Meet Lori in the AP Office


We would like you to meet Lori from the AP Office, if you have ever phoned the office it is her voice that you will likely hear at the other end of the phone. Lori has been with Alison’s Pantry for about 10 months, but even though relatively new to AP, you would never guess it. She has helped out in so many ways. She is the reason we have the beautiful special offer sheets and gift tags for the customer appreciation, she is very proficient at publishing programs and helps the RSM’s to look more professional in our correspondence with all of you.

Lori is so good at what she does because she loves her job.  The hardest thing about her job is that she can’t always get everyone everything they need and want. She often expresses her feelings about this by using emoji’s.  🙂

Lori is married to her husband Nate of 14 years; they have 2 sweet boys that are 8 ½ and 13 years old, and a yellow lab named Sunny.

Lori likes to read in her spare time, but lately says “she ran out of spare time”.  She also loves photography and doing crafty things.

Lori’s favorite AP products are the Pilgrim’s Chicken Breast Patties and the Piccadilly Fries.  It’s a must to STOCK them in her freezer. She has enjoyed finding different ways to use both of these products from Chicken Parmesan to Shepherd’s pie her family loves them both.

Her favorite family meal so far is a new product that will be coming in Catalog #1, it’s the Foster Farms Sauté Ready Fajita Marinated Chicken Breast Strips- They were able to sample them and loved how easy and delicious they were in the fajitas!

Thanks Lori, for going the extra mile and making a difference in all of our lives!


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