Professionalism – It’s All About the Presentation

I have been a sales rep for Alison’s Pantry since January 2000 so I have been through several phases in my life while being a sales rep.  As I look back and think about what helped me to make my Alison’s Pantry business successful over the last 16 + years (avg. sales of $4,800 for 2016), I would like to share some thoughts with you.

I am always dressed for the day.  I have 5 children who are all still at home and currently ranging in age from 23 to 12. My two youngest (boys) were born after I became an Alison’s Pantry sales rep so they have grown up with me doing the business.  Even when my children were young, I dressed for the day so I could head out at a moment’s notice, if needed, or was presentable if someone came to my home (especially during order pickup times).  I may not have had makeup on every day but I was clean, wore clean clothes, and my hair and teeth were brushed.  A great accomplishment some days!!

Beautiful woman in jeans welcomes at the wooden door

I treat my customers as friends but also as an important part of my business.  Nothing makes a person’s day better than to be greeted by name and with a smile!  Whether you see them at the store, school, or some event you are both attending or you are delivering their order or they are picking up their order, make them feel important and spend a few minutes of your time acknowledging them.  Everyone needs to feel important and, if they are bringing their business to you, they are important!  A good, positive attitude, even when dealing with a difficult customer, will go a long way to building a strong AP business.  Always remember the Golden Rule – Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated!


I treat my AP business as a business.  I make time each week and most days to do something with my AP business.  Sometimes its only a few minutes to check emails, post something on Facebook, or just look through the new catalog to familiarize myself with what is new, on sale, and if there are any special offers.  When it is order week, I dedicate time each day to do order reminders and process any orders that have come in and communicate with my customers with their order totals, answers to questions, etc.  My commission pays for my family’s groceries each month plus my business expenses, so I have a sales goal I strive to reach each month so I am not paying for anything out of pocket.

Todays goal

Sometimes its the small and simple things that make the biggest difference. Set some goals and take your AP business to the next level – build a stronger relationship with your customers, be up and ready for whatever the day will bring and face it with a good attitude. Set a goal with your business and then take the steps to reach it.  And, above all, remember – YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Becky Price, RSM


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