Rep Rewards

Unfortunately we will be ending the Awardco Point program as of Nov. 20, 2023

You will receive points for your #10 Catalog Sales and then have until November 20th to use any points.

After that date, any leftover points will be issued to you as an AP Credit.

New Sales Reps: After a new sales rep has placed their first 3 orders, an Awardco account will be set up for them and they will receive any and all points they have earned since their first month. You will be sent an email from Awardco. Find your Awardco Email and click on the link in it, then enter the password you would like to use for your awards account. Now your account is set up and can be accessed from your rep portal. Your login is your email and the password you just set up.

Login: Your login for your Awardco Rep Rewards account is your email.

You can earn points and redeem them for gift cards, VISA cards, or purchasing items from Amazon.

1 Point = $1.

***The only requirement is that you talk with your RSM once a quarter. If you miss a quarterly call, you will loose your Awardco account and any points you’ve accumulated. 

Points are earned or awarded based on the following:

Event PointsDetails
$500 in sales1You will receive 1 point for every $500 in sales each catalog. Ex: $2000 in sales – 4 points.
New Sales Rep Referral500New rep’s first order MUST be $750 minimum. Request must be submitted by rep under Earn Points on Awardco.
Customer Referral10Request these points under Earn Points on Awardco only once the referral has placed their 1st order with new rep. Must be a new customer or a customer who hasn’t ordered in 6 months, referred to another rep & must order. Existing customers can only be referred to a different rep if they haven’t ordered in 6 months. Reactivating your own customers does not count as a referral. The referred customer must place an order before you can count them as your referral. Paid out once 1st order is verified.
Reach App6Requirements: Include your RSM in a monthly Reach text to your customers, Talk to your RSM quarterly. Request must be submitted by rep on awardco under Earn Points. The request will only be available for you to submit once a month.
1 Year Anniversary10
5 Year Anniversary20
10 Year Anniversary30
15 Year Anniversary40
20 Year Anniversary50
25 Year Anniversary60
30 Year Anniversary70
Other Anniversaries5Ex: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, etc.

This new program will replace pins, lanyards, cards, gifts etc. except for the following:

  • $50 Credit for Marketing Kits
  • Fundraiser Donations
  • Baby Blankets