Rep Rewards

We’ve partnered with Awardco to reimagine rep recognition for 2023!

All bonuses and other recognition will now be sent through our Awardco site, so be sure to set up your account!

You can earn points and redeem them for gift cards, VISA cards, or purchasing items from Amazon. 1 Point = $1.

***The only requirement is that you check in with your RSM once a quarter.***

Points are earned or awarded based on the following:

  • 1 point for $500 increments in sales (Ex: $2000 in sales = 4 points)
  • 5 points for birthdays
  • 10 points for referring a new customer to another sales rep.
    • (Fill out once 1st order with new rep is placed. Must be a new customer or a customer who hasn’t ordered in 6 months, referred to another rep & must order. Existing customers can only be referred to a different rep if they haven’t ordered in 6 months. Reactivating your own customers does not count as a referral. The referred customer must place an order before you can count them as your referral. Paid out once 1st order is verified.
  • 500 points for referring a new sales rep (new rep’s first order MUST be $750 minimum)
  • Work Anniversary (this is starting with whatever anniversary you have for 2023):
    • 1st year- 10 points
    • 5th year- 20 points
    • 10th year- 30 points
    • 15th year- 40 points
    • 20th year- 50 points
    • 25th year – 60 points
    • 30th year- 70 points
    • Any other years (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, etc.) will be 5 points.

This new program will replace pins, lanyards, gifts, cards etc. except for the following:

  • $50 Credit for Marketing Kits
  • Fundraiser Donations
  • $5 Reach App Credit
  • Baby Blankets

Look for your Rep Rewards email sent on 12/21 to your email so you can set up your awards account!

If you have email forwarding set up you might need to check in your promotions or spam folder or search this email:

Be sure to add it to your contacts so you get point notifications!

You can also find the link to the rewards site on your portal dashboard, but you must first set up your account from the email sent out by awardco!