Video Reviews

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Are you a fellow foodie and want to do some reviews?

We are looking for some reps who would be willing to help us out with our new 1 minute video reviews for marketing AP products!
Here are some examples:

Two ways to gab about delicious products:

  1. Do a one-minute video review and a website review of a product you love and earn a $5 credit for your video and $1 credit for your website review.
  2. Test drive an AP product. Receive an Alison’s Pantry product at no charge in exchange for your video and website reviews (no additional credits)


  1. In exchange for the AP credits or free product, we ask that you submit a review for the product at and also create a short video review within 7 days of receiving the product. If the item is not yet on the website, please email the written review to [email protected].
  2. Your website review should have the tone of talking to a friend! Explain how you served the product and what you liked about it (convenience? the whole family ate it without complaint? fast and easy? Etc.)
  3. Video Review: Invite other customers to try this product with a fun video review. We’re not looking for a sales-y, overselling of the product. Think of videos you’ve seen online that have helped you find new products to enjoy! It should be casual and authentic.
    • Video should be approx. one-minute long and filmed with your camera vertical and plenty of light so it’s crisp and clear.
    • Be sure you show the product packaging and tell the name of the product. Show and tell how you prepared & served it (if applicable) and tell your friends at home why this product is worth trying.
    • Because prices can change unexpectedly, please don’t mention pricing in your video.
    • Save your video to Google Drive and email the link to [email protected] or use a file-sharing service like to send the link to us (videos are too large to attach to emails!)
  4. Website and video reviews are the property of Alison’s Pantry and may be used on social media platforms and in email and print marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to share the love of great food with others!