Webinar: Daily’s Bacon, McCain/Oreida, and Time Mgmt

Webinar: Daily’s Bacon, McCain/Oreida, and Time Mgmt

Daily's Bacon #3

Thanks to our wonderful RSM’s who presented this week.  Julie talked about Time management, Stacee talked about McCain products, and Becky talked about Daily’s Bacon.  Please click the link below to view the webinar if you missed it or would like to hear it again.  I’ve also included links to each of their power point slides in PDF format below.

Watch the webinar video: Daily’s, McCain, and Time Mgmt Webinar

Daily’s Bacon slides: Daily’s Bacon

McCain/Oreida slides: McCain Foods

Time Management slides: Time Management for Busy People

McCain Smiles

McCain Recipes: Recipes for McCain

List of available McCain items for reps- Please email Vicki ([email protected]) to claim your discounted McCain item for attending the webinar.

• #2416 Cross-Trax Waffle Fries
• #2417 Smiles Shaped Potatoes
• #2419 Redstone Canyon Spiral Cut Fries
• #2421 Tater Tots
• #2420 Shredded Hash Browns

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