Jennifer Sessions- Roosevelt UT


I was looking on the internet for powdered eggs I think and came across the name Alison’s Pantry in my search. I called the company and asked about their products and the next thing I knew, I was a new rep! That was 10 years ago, and I’m still going strong! I had not really heard of Alison’s Pantry before I started selling it. I do have a very loyal set of customers who are fabulous!

Alison’s Pantry has been a wonderful thing for me. At the time I started selling AP, I didn’t realize just how much I needed that in my life. I’ve been a stay at home mom for most of my married life, and I love it! But I also needed to have adult contact and something that was “mine” if that makes sense. One of the best things I love about my Alison’s Pantry business is that I’ve met so many great people who I now call friends.
Alison’s Pantry has also been a family business. I’ve been fortunate that my husband’s work schedule is flexible enough that he has been able to help unload the truck nearly every month since we started this adventure. And of course, it has been another way to teach my kids to work because they help too, unloading the truck and putting things away and then they occasionally pull orders for customers.

One of the challenges of selling Alison’s Pantry lately has been the downturn in economy, especially in the area where I live with so many families dependent on oil field work. From a business standpoint, I wish I could explain how I’ve managed to keep my sales high during this time, but there are not one or two things I can pinpoint to do that. I’ve always tried to be professional in my dealings with my customers. I like to think that I’m organized and my work space (the garage) is kept as clean and organized as I can for pick up time. I have set days when customers come to my home for their orders, and I deliver to 2 businesses in town.

I’ve noticed the customers who look at their email or carry a smart phone are the ones who order most consistently. I probably average 70 orders a month, which works out to be about 1/3 of my customer base. I’m a numbers girl, so I keep track of things like that. Over the years, I’ve averaged 1/3 of my customers ordering each month.

I set a goal each month to reach $5,000 in sales and then when I meet that goal, my next goal is $1,000 in commission. I prefer to set smaller goals that seem more attainable. With the new catalog packets I’ll add another goal to give out those 10-15 catalogs each month and see where it takes me. (Now that I have to pay for those catalogs, it gives me more incentive to use them!) One thing I’ve noticed in growing my business is having adequate freezer space for larger orders. I have invested in 2 large commercial upright freezers over the last 4 years and have room in my electrical panel for one more!

It’s been great to be part of Alison’s Pantry and watch the changes and how the company has evolved over the years. I’m excited for the changes taking place now and look forward to where Alison’s Pantry is headed in the future. I’ve enjoyed the training webinars and look forward to more of them. It’s a great company to work for and I enjoy how personable Alison, Jesse, Josh and everyone who works for AP has been. Alison’s Pantry filled a hole that I didn’t even realize was there and has been such a blessing in my life. I’m able to contribute to the family income and still be at home with my kids when they need me. I love working for AP!

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