Webinar: Pilgrim’s, Wayne Farms, Avoiding Procrastination, Care of Frozen Foods

If you missed the April Pantry Academy webinars, don’t miss out on education that can help your sales.  You can view the entire webinar below, or view the individual segments with the links.  Knowledge is power and will help you to promote products better to your customers.

Here are some additional ways to promote Pilgrim’s and Wayne Farms products in Catalog #5. Watch for our social media images to be posted soon on the blog for these featured lines.


  • Our 4 new products offer smaller pack options, making it easier for smaller households, or just for customers who want to try them first before investing in a larger case.
  • Bulk cases are still available, and offer more savings.
  • Chicken tenderloins, Blazin’ Chunks, nuggets, and patties offer easy meal options for busy moms.
  • Don’t miss opportunities to pair side dishes like Blount Macaroni & Cheese, French fries, McCain Smiles, and Rosie’s Ranch Dressing Mix for dipping!!

Wayne Farms / Chef’s Craft

  • Help customers to see all the fabulous recipe possibilities with these delicious, all-natural chicken sausages.
  • They can be grilled, sliced and paired with our pasta items, served on our Tuscan Mini Dinner Loaves or Ciabatta Buns, used on pizzas with our Pizza Dough Balls, sliced and stirred into our soups, and more.  There are many great pairing ideas to help with your upselling!


Pilgrim’s Pride Webinar

Chicken Preparation and Cooking Directions

Wayne Farms Webinar

Wayne Farms Recipes

How to Overcome Procrastination

Proper care of Frozen Items

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