Products leaving after Catalog #8

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As we transition to autumn offerings in the catalog, the products below will be leaving after Catalog #8. Please let your customers know so they can stock up before they’re gone.

Fieldstone      01-5769       Fieldstone Premium Original Granola 25/2 Oz Pack–removed due to low sales

Milford Valley Farms     11-7918  Milford Valley Farms Chicken & Waffle Bites 12 lb. case–will return next year

Pioneer Valley                 01-7678              UNCLE DENNY’S Hot Fudge Topping 17 oz JAR–will return

Cornaby’s                         01-1069              Cornaby’s Savory Raspberry Chipotle Sauce 12.5oz bottle

                                           01-1070              Cornaby’s Savory Peach Habanero Sauce 12.5oz bottle

Wyman’s                          11-8852              Wyman’s 4-To-1 Sliced Strawberries 6.5Lb Tub Each

J&J Snacks       11-6508   Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemon Lemonade 12/12 Oz Cups–will return #5, 2017

              11-6509              Minute Maid Soft Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 12/12 Oz Cups

              11-6510              Minute Maid Soft Frozen Cherry Lime Lemonade 12/12 Oz Cups

              11-8801              Minute Maid Soft Frozen Orangeade Lemonade 12/12 Oz Cups

              11-5778              Barq’s Frozen Root Beer Floatz 24/3 Oz Tubes

              11-6511              Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Cherry 24/4 Oz. Tubes

              11-6512              Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Lemon 24/4 Oz. Tubes

              11-6513              Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Strawberry 24/4 Oz. Tubes

              11-6514              Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Mango 24/4 Oz. Tubes

              11-7374              Whole Fruit Tubes Variety (Straw Cherry Grape) 24/3 Oz. Case

              11-7375              Icee Wild Cherry Cups 48/4 Oz. Case

              11-7376              Icee Blue Raspberry Cups 48/4 Oz. Case

              11-8853              Icee Tube Variety Pack 30/3Oz Tubes Case

Palmer Wholesale          04-5708              Victorio Summer Flavors Snow Cone Syrups 3/16 Oz Each–canning and snow cone items will return next summer

              04-6503              Victorio Famous Variety Snow Cone Syrup  3 Pack  Each

              04-7477              Victorio Stainless Steel Multi Use Canner W/Glass Lid  7 Qt.  Each

              04-7482              Victorio Snow Cone Combo Pack  Each

              02-1760              Ball Regular Canning Lids 36 Ct Per Order

              02-1761              Ball Wide Mouth Canning Lids 36 Ct Per Order

S & S Innovations Corp  02-8181              Tattler Reusable Plastic Canning Lids Regular Mouth 12Pk Each

                                           02-8182              Tattler Reusable Plastic Canning Lids Wide mouth 12Pk Each

Alison’s Pantry Spices        Seasonal canning spices removed until next #4 or #5, 2017.

              04-1439              AP Alum Powder 1 Lb. Bag

              04-1429              AP Celery Seed Whole  1 Lb Bag

              04-1530              AP Dill Seed Whole 1 Lb. Bag

              04-1856              AP Dill Weed Premium 1/2 Lb. Bag

              04-1853              AP Pickling Spice Blend 1 Lb. Bag

              04-1857              AP Mustard Seed Whole Yellow 1 Lb. Bag

Dawn   The following mixes were removed due to low sales.  Watch for new Krusteaz mixes.

              02-1834             AP Chocolate Creme Cake & Muffin Mix 4 Lb. Bag

              02-5873              AP Papa’s Pizza And Bread Stick Dough Mix 4 Lb Bag

              02-1964              AP Wonderful Wheat Bread 4 Lb. Bag

              02-6733              AP Heavenly Basic Cookie Mix  4 Lb. Bag

              02-1900              AP Soft N’ Chewy Pretzel Mix 4 Lb. Bag

              04-1901              AP Chunky Pretzel Salt 1 Lb. Bag

Rosina  The following products were removed due to low sales and sourcing challenges with the manufacturer. 

             11-8028              Celentano Jumbo Round Mushroom Ravioli 3.75 lb. bag

              11-8033              Celentano Jumbo Round Garlic Florentine Ravioli 3.75 lb. bag

              11-8076              Italian Village Mini Round Cheese Ravioli 42 oz. bag

              11-8923              San Rallo Lasagna Rolettes 50/3oz Rolls 10 lb Case

              11-9141              Rosina Homestyle Meatballs 52 oz. Bag Each–Watch for a 26 oz. replacement bag (same exact product) that we’ll be offering instead of this bag size.

              11-9143              Celentano Cheese Ravioli 44 oz. Bag Each

              11-9144              Celentano Cheese Tortellini 38 oz. Bag Each–Watch for a new Tri-Color Tortellini case.

Scrumptious      These candy items are seasonal, and most will be back next year.  Watch for new candy and nut products for fall.

             02-1174              Scrumptious Mini Gummi Bears 14 oz tub

              02-1176              Scrumptious Gummi Blue Sharks 16 oz tub

              02-1203              Scrumptious Sour Gummi Watermelon Slices 16 oz. tub

              02-1206              Scrumptious Gummi Grapefruit Slices 16 oz. tub

              02-1208              Scrumptious Gummi Foam Strawberries 16 oz. tub

              02-1209              Scrumptious  Gummi Butterflies 16 oz. tub

Norpro These items are seasonal and most will return to the catalog.

              04-2184              Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop

              04-2185              Norpro Mini Angel Food Cake Pan

              04-2186              Norpro Cake-sicle Pan

              04-7256              Norpro Stainless Steel Steam Cooker  3 Pc.  Each

              04-7361              Norpro Tortilla Keeper 8.5″ Each

              04-7756              Norpro Red Mixing Bowls 3Pc (5 7 10 Cup) Set

              04-8804              Norpro Stuffed Burger Maker Each

              04-8820              Norpro Ice Cream Spade Each

Zyliss    These items cycle through the catalog and most will return. 

              04-1049              Zyliss 3 Piece Vegetable Peeler Set

              04-2401              Zyliss Burger Press

              04-7417              Zyliss 3 Piece Knife Set

              04-7485              Zyliss Right Scoop, Red, Each

              04-7951              Zyliss Bread Knife 8.5″ Each

              04-8065              Zyliss 4-In-1 Slicer Grater Each

              04-8068              Zyliss Salad Knife Each

              04-8322              Zyliss Sandwich Knife 4.5″ Each

              04-8403              Zyliss Lock N Lift Can Opener Each

              04-9009              Zyliss Stainless Steel 10″ Whisk

La Flor  These products will not return, due to challenges with the supplier.   Watch for the Mexican Original brand flour tortillas in upcoming catalogs.

             05-1868              La Flor 8” Flour Tortillas 4 / 30 ct. pack (120 tortillas)

              05-1864              La Flor 8” Flour Tortillas 30 ct. pack

              05-1869              La Flor Mini White Corn Tortillas 100 ct.

 AP Kitchen Tools   04-4822              Utensil Stainless Steel 4 Pc Measuring Scoop Set Each             

 Minh   11-4076              Minh Steamed Pork Potstickers 18 Ct Box–Removed due to supply issues from the manufacturer.

Pilgrim’s  The below items were removed due to supply issues as a result of the Pilgrim’s chicken recall.           

              11-6221              Breaded Chicken Breast Patties Fully Cooked 10 lb Case

              11-6587              Wing Dings Breaded Breast Chunks Fully Cooked 5 Lb. Bag

              11-6588              Wing Zings Breaded Breast Chunks Fully Cooked (Spicy) 5 Lb. Bag

Fernando’s      11-4846              Fiesta Supreme Shredded Beef Chimichanga 12/5 Oz Case

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