Meet Peter Chinchay, our AP Accountant

“My name is Peter Chinchay, originally from the beautiful country of Peru.  I have lived in the US for about 23 years.  My wife is Penny and she is from Utah.  We met down in Peru and she is the reason that I live in the US now.  She said that I was her best souvenir ever that she brought from Peru.  We have 5 children from the ages of 7 to 18.  I have lived all 23 years in Utah so I love cold weather and the snow.  Sometimes we go to Peru for Christmas so we can be by the beach since it is summer down there at that time of year.  Since I am from South America, I love soccer.  I also enjoy traveling and riding my bike every day.

When I first came to this country, I wanted to be a Flight attendant, but it didn’t happen so I pursued my actual career which was Accounting.  I love working with numbers and enjoy talking to the reps.

I first worked for Alison’s Pantry back in the late 1990’s for about 3-4 years with several different owners. Then I was recruited again in 2009 and have been here since then.  I really enjoy working here.  It is a great company; small but a great place to work.  My favorite Alison’s Pantry Products are steak, soups and some of the seasonings.  I think the hardest part about my job is dealing with reps who don’t pay for their orders and trying to help them understand that the money they collect belongs to Alison’s Pantry and they should respect that.  But overall, most of the reps are great people and love our products.”

Thank you, Peter, for all you do at Alison’s Pantry!!  We are so lucky to have you!!

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