Meet Kimala Douglas



Meet Kimala Douglas from Cedar City, another one of our fantastic reps! Kimala loves to hike and go on fun adventures with her family, she loves to create fun and beautiful things. One of her new favorite AP items is the Foster Farms Marinated Sauté Ready Chicken, but it’s hard to pick just one. Kimala was introduced to Alison’s Pantry when her  mother bought it when she was in high school; it was then that she learned that she didn’t want to bake cookies without PARCHMENT PAPER!  After she was married and started her own family she wanted more of the Alison’s Pantry products in her own kitchen.  Following the birth of her second child, she quit working, but wanted something to help her family and keep her busy.  It was then that she remembered Alison’s Pantry and decided to give it a try.  She has been a representative for 6 years!
She feels so grateful for Alison’s Pantry. She loves that she can provide quality foods to her own family and help others to do the same for their families.   She does most her grocery shopping with Alison’s Pantry each month which is a great financial benefit for her family. She has 3 children, ages 9,5 and 2 that keep things hopping and are the light of her life. Her husband is so supportive, although he is very picky when it comes to food.  She loves pick up day when she gets to visit with her AP friends.  She loves the relationships she has built with them.
She feels the key to increasing sales is to start early, and give reminders about the order deadline. She posts on social media many ideas for meals, including school lunch ideas.
She loves the AP motto, “Be Nourished” as that is what this is all about!

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