Kim Henke, AP Marketing Director


I’ve worked for Alison’s Pantry since 2009 in different capacities.  I started by reviewing products and writing content for the catalog for Alison. Then I supported Regional Sales Managers, and eventually Alison trained and mentored me to handle the catalog planning and marketing.

I love people, so I enjoy getting to interact with a wide variety of people—from AP owners and staff, to brokers and suppliers. I’m also a big foodie, so it’s always fun to be thinking about ways to use our products.

My job is busy and has a lot of deadlines so, like most working women, juggling family, work, and church is probably the biggest challenge.

My husband and I knew we would marry when we first met, and that’s always been a great decision.  He and I both work from home much of the month, so we’re together nearly all day every day—and we like it, which a lot of people think is pretty funny. He is truly my other half. We have 5 daughters, ages 8 to 19, and our household is constantly filled with funny conversations that include TV show and movie quotes and internet memes.  We laugh a lot around here!

Reading is my favorite indulgence, and I like a wide variety of book genres.  I like to bake, and love to host a gathering at home (we do this a lot during college football season!). I also love our Southern Utah weather in the spring and fall, and love to get outside and hike.

I’m a big fan of Janey Lou’s products, and on a busy night Beehive Rolls and Blount Soups are my go-to meal.

I love to keep Farmland Pork Tenderloins in our freezer for lots of meals, but my family’s favorite is copycat Café Rio Pork Salads.  I mix 1 cup each of salsa, brown sugar, and Sprite and pour it over the tenderloin in a crock pot.  Then I cook it on low all day and shred for stacked salads with black beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, etc.  It’s one of our favorite meals, and so easy!



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