Jennifer Kumm – Holyoke, CO

Greetings from extreme Northeast Colorado!  My name is Jennifer Kumm, and I’ve been the Holyoke, CO, rep for almost 3 years.  I am a veterinary technician, and my husband, Marlin, is head internet tech for our local phone company. We have a wonderful daughter, Morganne, who is a high school freshman.  I’m heavily involved in whatever activities our daughter does…FFA, 4H, Horses, Swimming, etc.  Personal hobbies include walking our two amazing dogs and reading.

I know most of my customers personally and enjoy getting to know more people as they become customers.  My favorite part of being a rep is giving rural people another choice for their grocery needs.  As a family, we love the variety, great prices, and high quality products in our own meals.  We are one of our own best customers every month and feel that’s extremely important to success. Since we get everything we possibly can from AP, it’s hard to pick favorite products. However, a few that we just couldn’t be without are flat iron steaks, raspberry muffin mix, cinnamon rolls, and too many of our fruits and veggies to name.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement in a place where everyone knows (or is related to) everyone else. I reward quite heavily for referrals.  I’m really looking forward to having some tasting parties this year to help grow my business. Reminders are also so key for us.  People are just crazy-busy these days and will very rarely order without a gentle reminder…or two, or three, or four! Advice that I would give to new reps is that preparation ahead of time is key for a successful delivery/pickup day. Additionally, learn to roll with stuff… whether it be changes, delayed trucks, etc. It’s all just stuff;

I’ve had wonderful help and support from my niece, Haley Notter, who referred me and continues to be an inspiration.  Also, I am super excited about all the changes that AP has made and is continuing to make. The shortened delivery time is extremely helpful in acquiring and keeping customers.  I appreciate our very pleasant and efficient support staff and the family feel of the company in general. Really looking forward to the website and boxing of customer orders. Blessed to be working for a family run company that is also forward thinking. Be sure to stop by if you’re ever in our area!

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