Melissa Mickleson, Glasglow, MT

Melissa Mickleson

I have been a representative with Alison’s Pantry for about 5 1/2 years. Previous to that, I was a very enthusiastic customer. I was always sharing my catalog and telling people about the products.  People were usually surprised when they found out I didn’t actually work for the company, I was just a very happy customer.

One of the things I love about Alison’s Pantry, and one of the things I tell potential new customers, is that no matter how you choose to eat in your family, we have food for you. We have convenience foods, we have spices and meats if you choose to cook from scratch, we have baking mixes, we have fruits and vegetables, and much much more. Interestingly, my own eating habits have changed multiple times over the course of the last five years and with every new thing I try, Alison’s pantry has got me covered.

My best advice is to be reliable and organized. My customers come to a pick up day at my home. They know I always have a flyer box stocked  with the current catalog attached to the side of my garage. Make sure to send out reminders, whether they’re emails, texts, or phone calls. Be friendly and approachable, and you’ll find that you have gained not just customers but new friends.


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