Pamela Schilling – Upton, Wyoming

I’m Pam Schilling and, my husband, Steve, and I live on the family ranch north of Upton, Wyoming.  Life is never dull or the same from day to day here!  We have a commercial Angus cow/calf operation, and all the ranch duties that involves! Our family has been truly blessed to be able to grow up in the fresh air and beautiful country! Steve and I married in 2003 and combined our family with my two kids, Travis and Mandy.  Both are adults now and Travis added to the family with his wife, Shenna. They in turn gave us two beautiful grandchildren that bring laughter and sunshine into our lives.

Becoming an AP Rep was totally unexpected; I had never thought about it until my name was brought up to the regional manager!  I haven’t regretted it – I have a wonderful customer base and have made some great friends! I try very hard to have good communication with ALL of them.  So many of them thank me every time I call, text or email them to remind them the due date is near.  Having been a customer first, I know I always appreciated a reminder – life gets busy and we are all prone to forgetting from time to time!  I also find being flexible with delivering orders is much easier than just a set date and time.  Life not only gets busy, it happens, and there are times that you cannot make the appointed time. I try not to make extra trips, but incorporate having to make a trip to town with delivering the groceries!!  In turn they reciprocate by coming to the ranch if it happens again!!

Since I make a lot of my meals from scratch, some of my favorite products are the pre-made ones… #7944 mashed potatoes are wonderful and easy to make, and the #7151 frozen doughnuts are a particular favorite around here anytime, but especially on the weekends!!

My sales have picked up!  I tried everything at first – ads in the newspaper, going to craft fairs, etc., but the best advertisement for me was my customers!! The food sells itself; it is wonderful!!  I try to provide the best customer care service I can.  Together it seems to have been a good combination because I have gotten more new customers through word of mouth than any printed ads!!  Thanks Alison’s Pantry for giving me something that I enjoy doing!!

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