Jeannie Sykes, Winnemucca, Nevada

Hi, I am Jeannie Sykes and I am a rep. in Winnemucca, Nevada. I am a Mom to 3 boys and grandma to 6 wonderful grandkids. I was an Alison’s Pantry customer long before I became a rep. I loved the products and the convenience of them. Our boys still come by to raid the freezer for their favorite items.  

When my second rep was giving it up I talked to my husband about it. With his support I took on being an Alison’s Pantry rep. I had been a stay at home care provider for my Mother-in-law for the last ten years. This was something that would work around that and get me around people again. When we lost her last year I know that working Alison’s Pantry helped me pull through the loss. I had a reason to get up and face the day.  

When our shipment arrives it is usually just my husband, Jim and I working it. But summers are a different story. The grandkids argue over who gets to help with unloading, sorting, catalog prep (labels and flyer insert), and getting the mailed out ones ready. These loves of my life range in ages- 15, 13, 11, 6 and 18 months. They all love to spend time with us to meet and greet the customers and help with their orders.  

I try to keep ahead of the order week with texting, email, Facebook and the phone calls right up until the order closes or they tell me “not this month.” I let them know if something they like is on sale or something new they might want to try. On my first weekend of pick ups I try to have something for them to sample. I also have snacks for the kids who come with the parents or grandparents (curious George fruit snacks, granola bars, cookies and such).  I follow up with my new customers to see how they like the product they are trying.  I send birthday, anniversary, get well, and cheer up/thinking of you card to my customers. I do have drawings and prizes but not every month. I will do early order, first to pick up, bring a friend when they pick up, etc. I always offer 10% off for a referral who also places an order.

My last drawing was for those who used our new website and placed an order themselves. I also do deliveries to my day cares, seniors, and a few schools and businesses. I leave catalogs at my groomers, hair salons, doctors offices. I make sure to get the webinars watched and enjoy the Q&A sections. I also check the Facebook pages, blog and academy sites daily to see what is going on.

I can’t believe that I have been doing this for 4 years. I really enjoy it and

I’ve made so many friends since I started. I hope to keep doing it until I can’t.  My replacement is waiting for me to quit. She needs to finish school first. Thank you to all of the RSM’s, Office and warehouse people who make this such a great company to work with.  Your appreciated more then you know!


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