What’s Next?

We did it, we made it through this year. So many changes, growths and struggles.  When you look at where you’ve come, and where you want to be, how do you feel? If you want more from your AP business, what is your plan to get it?

Too many times, we set a goal only to realize that the goal is bigger than life and so unrealistic.  To avoid this situation start by setting a goal that is doable, it should be a goal that requires you to stretch and push yourself, but not so much that you quit before you even start. Maybe you can plan to learn more about the business you work with, the products you sell and the people you serve.  Knowledge builds confidence. Have you ever been looking to purchase an item and go to the store only to come away frustrated because the sales person didn’t know as much as you about the item you were wanting? Before I spend my hard-earned cash, I like to be informed and gain as much information as I can about the product to make a good decision. This information usually comes from the sales person helping me, but when that person can’t tell me anything about the item that I didn’t already know from my own research, then I feel that the process is a waste of my time and I generally dig deeper from another source to find out. This can happen in our business too. We have many products that are new and different from what is offered by the local grocery store. These differences warrant the need for knowledge of how to prepare, use and make the most of the products we offer. If we aren’t familiar with the products and how to pass that knowledge on to our customers, then chances are, we are probably losing sales from our customers.

One of the best ways to be informed is to learn about the products you sell. How do we learn about these items? By using them, by experimenting in our own kitchens and becoming familiar with them. Sampling AP items to our own friends and families and customers. What are your thoughts of a person who sells skincare and makeup, but won’t use it herself? My thought is…She must not believe in her own product. How can she expect her customers to buy and believe in those products when she herself does not?
Do you use your own products? Do you believe in what you sell? If you don’t you will never become successful in your own business. Your actions speak louder than words. You need to be your own best customer. You should be learning all you can about the products you offer. Sample the products for yourself. Get familiar with how to use and prepare them. Order something new each month that you haven’t tried before.  I have heard reps say that they “can’t’ afford to use AP products”, honestly you can’t afford to NOT use your own products. People are watching you, watching what you purchase and gauging their purchases on what you use and how you speak about it.


Regularly attending the webinars is another way to stay informed! The quarterly rep sales training webinars are a great way to help you build better sales. Invite your customers to the product webinars, we will teach them for you. Are you taking advantage of this tool? They are full of information for you and your customer.  Set a goal to invite your customers and to attend all the webinars this coming year. They will help you in your business. Give you knowledge and confidence in the products that you offer. We look forward to seeing you there. Good luck in the coming year!!

Stacee RSM

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