Kathy Clark – Crawford, CO

We are Roger and Kathy Clark from a very small town named Crawford in
southwestern Colorado with about 300 people in it. We have two children, Tonya and
Kraig, and five grandchildren.

Our nearest grocery store is 17 miles away from us, so  you want to make sure you have supplies on hand. We have been doing this going on 5 years this December. I can remember how excited I was to become a new rep.  Understand we are just simple farmer/rancher folks who enjoy life, hard work and good food. Alison’s Pantry certainly provides us with wonderful food. We raise chinchillas for pets and Dexter Cattle, a smaller homestead beef that is very friendly.

We love so many of the products, but one thing we really like is all of the seafood.
Small grocery stores just cannot compete with our fish, we also use many of the frozen
fruits and vegetables, our favorites are just to numerous to say.
My monthly sales are consistently good and I attribute that to good products, but also
to making my customers important to me. They truly have become my friends. I like to
find out each month what is going on in their lives. The North Fork Valley, which is
comprised of several small towns has been wonderful to me and my business.

If I had one thing to tell new reps it would be to not treat your customers as just
customers, treat them like friends, which they are and you will find success. Hear their
stories, become a good listener. If something goes on sell that they love, call them and
ask them if they would like you to order it. Make them special in your life, and
ultimately give God the Glory. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Thanks, Kathy Clark

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