Becca Nash, Anthony, ID

This month’s Rep Spotlight features our savvy friend, Becca Nash of Idaho.

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I earned my degree from Idaho State University with a Bachelors in Educational Interpreting, American Sign Language. I worked in the Pocatello, ID school district for four years, then stayed home to take care of our new daughter, Adleigh. Linkin joined our family 18 months later. When Linkin was 2, I went back to work in the Fremont County School District for another three years. My husband and I decided I should be done working outside the home when our son Kreedence arrived at the end of the school year. 

I was trying to find a way to bring in a little extra income to our family with me staying at home. I heard about Alison’s Pantry from my sister­in-law, Lori Miskin.  I was intrigued to become a representative because I didn’t need to put any money down and wasn’t locked in a contract. I had the freedom to decide if this new adventure would work for my family.

I love the 100% money-back guarantee from Alison’s Pantry. Starting a new business, especially in an area where Alison’s Pantry isn’t well known, has been easier with the guarantee. This company’s policy has helped me gain great customers, who are loving the excellent products.

I’ve also used drawings and incentives to encourage orders.  Some incentives I’ve offered are:

  • Order for 3 consecutive months, receive a $25 gift certificate
  • Refer a friend, and when they order you get a $10 item for free.
  • Early bird drawing—customers who submit orders early are entered in a drawing.
  • A treasure hunt in the catalog to find a particular item. I have a goody basket that winners choose from.

My favorite AP products are the Bosco Pizza Sticks, Soup Supreme Cheddar Cheese Broccoli Soup, Garlic Supreme Seasoning and Rich’s BBQ Pulled Pork. I also love the Sunrise Medley Fruit and Fiesta Blend Fruit. I use these in smoothies for breakfast, or serve them with cupcakes made from the Classic Creme Cake & Muffin mix. I have a “Wish List” to try something new every month! I’m grateful to have Alison’s Pantry to help out with feeding my family, and earning some extra income as well.

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