Welcome AP Reps!


Welcome to the newest Reps in Alison’s Pantry. We love to see smart women join such an incredible company. Good luck to you in this fun and exciting endeavor. Remember to watch and listen from all of the successful reps around you. Join in on the AP blog and on your Facebook group and ask questions and contribute information so we can all learn from each other.

February 2016

Leia Rasmussen- Orem, UT

Elexia Walter- Panquitch, UT

Krystle Neyssen – Hebron, North Dakota

Jane Haakenson – Williston, North Dakota

Laurel Conover-Jess – Deer Lodge, Montana

Katie Martinez – Casper, WY

Misty Monks – Wray, CO

Mary Palo – Hot Springs, SD

Sade Phillips – Afton, WY

Janalyne Roberts – Mountain View, WY

Stephanie Volmer – Wall, SD

Misty Wilson – Green River, WY

Justa Witt – Buffalo, SD





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  1. Good Luck Ladies! Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! It is the funnest job besides children that you can have!

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